Environmental Science and Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Environmental Science and Engineering program requires students to master the basic theoretical knowledge of environmental science and engineering, receive the basic training in the experimental skills, engineering practice, computer application, scientific research and engineering design method, with the basic ability of studying and evaluating the current environmental quality, renovating and reconstructing the environmental protection engineering of enterprises, the basic design and development of new products of environmental protection.

2. Research Directions

1) Theory and technology of water pollution control

The design theory and technology of city sewage disposal plant; removing nitrogen and phosphorus technology of sewage; anaerobic treatment of organic wastewater, automatic control theory and technology of sewage treatment plant, theory and technology of membrane separation; advanced oxidation technology; research on water eutrophication; simulation study of water quality of rivers and lakes and so on.

2) Technology and theory of air pollution control

Gas desulfurization technology of coal fired boiler; vehicle emission pollution control theory and technology; clean combustion and air pollution control theory and technology; indoor air environment quality and evaluation.

3) Solid waste pollution control and resource utilization

Classified collection, transportation and management method of household garbage; degradation rules of waste in sanitary landfill; production rules and control technology of landfill leachate; production laws and exploitation, utilization of landfill gas; research on the theory and technology of composting garbage, research on incineration technology and equipment, study on the treatment and disposal of solid waste in all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises and the technology of resource utilization

4) Environmental behavior of pollutants

Physical dispersion of pollutants in the environmental media including atmosphere, water, soil, groundwater environment, research on the chemical adsorption, desorption, transformation, biological degradation and enrichment law

5) Environmental geology

Study the impact and control of engineering construction on geological environment; regulation and control of groundwater environmental impact; research on the formation laws, prediction evaluation methods and prevention measures of geological disasters, flood disaster, research on the formation and development rules and  control technology of soil erosion.

6) Vibration and noise control technology

The theory and technology of environmental vibration noise control; theory and technology of vibration noise test; prediction and evaluation of environmental vibration noise; comprehensive treatment of environmental vibration noise; theory and technology of machinery and equipment noise control; theory and technology of rail traffic vibration noise control.

7) Traffic environment pollution and control

Formation mechanism of the traffic pollution, traffic pollution hazard analysis, traffic pollution prevention technology, traffic environment management means, traffic environment sustainable development and means of transport, environmental impact assessment of transportation process and traffic engineering construction related.

8) Environmental planning and management

Urban environmental planning; regional environmental planning; watershed environmental planning, transportation environment planning and management; environmental economy and investment; environmental law and policy

3. Training Objectives

The program trains senior engineering and technology talents in environmental engineering with the knowledge of pollution prevention and drainage engineering like water, gas, noise and solid waste in the city and town, pollution control planning and protection of water resources, can be engaged in the planning, design, construction, management, education and research, development in government departments, planning departments, economic management departments, environmental protection departments, design institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes and schools.

4. Main Courses

Mechanical drawing, engineering mechanics, engineering fluid mechanics (hydraulics), inorganic and analytical chemistry, inorganic and analytical chemistry experiment, physical chemistry, environmental microbiology, environmental protection equipment design, electrical engineering, instrument and experimental analysis, organic chemistry, organic chemistry experiment and environmental chemistry, water supply and drainage design, clean production, project budget and the economic analysis, the principle of chemical engineering, chemical engineering principle experiment, chemical process design, computer application in environmental science, environmental science basis, ecology basis, environmental science introduction, environmental engineering principle, environmental systematic engineering and optimization, environmental chemistry, environmental impact assessment and environmental planning, environmental noise control, solid waste disposal project, air pollution water pollution control engineering, control engineering (including water supply engineering and drainage engineering), environmental engineering introduction, environmental quality assessment, environmental design, environmental engineering and civil engineering, environmental management, environmental law, environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring experiment, etc.

5. Similar Programs

Environmental engineering, safety engineering, water quality science and technology, disaster prevention and control engineering, environmental monitoring, lightning protection science and technology, nuclear safety engineering, environmental protection equipment engineering

6. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in the environmental science research and engineering design, technology development, environmental quality management in environmental protection, chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, transportation, light industry, medicine, agriculture, military and other industries.


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