Engineering Internships in China

Internship is an on-the-job learning experience, where students, new professionals or career changers learn the ropes of a career-field while working full- or part-time. Interns generally perform entry-level tasks while taking part in skills development activities as part of the internship experience. Some internship is paid, while others give you college credit. One of the best ways to get engineering experience outside of school is to land an engineering internship. Doing engineering internship in China give you on-the-job experience, help you learn whether you and that industry are a good match, and can provide you with valuable connections and references. For specialized industries, such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering and Biomedical engineering. Internship remains one of the most rewarding and enlightening opportunity students and post graduates can utilize to shape the future of their careers. In addition, if you want to do your internship in the engineering companies located in big cities, major metropolitan such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tiajin, we can knock and find a suitable engineering companies to exercise your career.

Reasons for carrying your engineering internship in China

Engineering industries are witnessing a booming business in China, the mot biggest engineering companies in the World are now in China, with many blanches around the World. Engineering Interns work with engineering companies all over China to get a sneak peak at what different professions and businesses do. Internship is a learning experience designed to help you develop practical and applicable skills in a specific business niche while gaining real world experience. It's a wise thing to do before you have to face a competitive job market. As an engineering intern, you will have a unique opportunity to learn skills, work on projects, ask questions, expand your network, and explore your career options. The following are the main reasons why you need engineering internship in China:
You will have the opportunity to make international contacts that can help you in your job search and provide you with references. You may have heard that life is all about who you know
An internship may be the first professional position that you can add to your resume - a document that accompanies every job application. 
If you do a good job during your internship in any Chinese engineering companies, you may be offered a permanent position when you graduate.
Most of Chinese engineering companies advice their interns to treat internship like a job and take advantage of any and all training and advice during their stay in the company. One focus of internships is to enhance your academic knowledge. Choose an internship that relates to your major. During your internship you will see how your major applies to real world work places. It will help you decide how to use your major to thrive in your career. Wherever you decide to do your internship all over china in any engineering companies, we are here for you. 
Chinese Engineering Companies 

Engineering companies in China may be categorized in four major parts:
Construction and civil engineering companies such as China Machinery Engineering Corporation, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, CGC Overseas Construction Group, China Aluminum International Engineering, China Road and Bridge Corporation, and China Railway Seventh Group, etc…
Energy companies such as Power grid corporations of China, Beijing Jingneng Thermal Power, China Huaneng Group, China Shenhua Energy Company, Datang International Power Generation Company, Panjiang Coal and Electric Power Group, China General Nuclear Power Group, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Sunergy, Topray Solar, China Power New Energy Development Company Limited,  and China Three Gorges Corporation etc…
Shipbuilding companies such as China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company etc…
Computer engineering companies such as Dalian Hi-Think Computer Neusoft Corporation, Electronic information industry in China, Software industry in China, and Seioglobal etc… 
In most engineering companies in China, Engineering internships often present themselves in the form of apprenticeships. In an apprenticeship you have the chance to shadow someone who is doing exactly what you will be doing post-graduation. This means site visits, clients meetings and tons of exposure to the real world aspects of the industry. In a specialized field like engineering, the company will assign you internship supervisor, who will expect you to incorporate your classroom learning into the workplace. This means your internship won't be the typical office assistant, and might involve quite a bit of critical thinking.
Some companies may ask you to go through interviews, write essays, or submit portfolios. The internship application process is like a job hunt. Be proactive. If you are an engineering student, chances are you've been hearing about landing an internship since your first day of class, beware that many engineering companies in China that hire interns rely on them to fulfill essential functions of the office.
We are here to provide you any information about how you can get a suitable engineering company to run you internship as well as advice for pursuing intern opportunities



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