Engineering Degree Program in China - Photogrammetry

1. Introduction

Photogrammetry is an information science that studies the acquisition, processing, extraction and expression of information through image.

2. Main Tasks

Photogrammetry is a branch of surveying and mapping, its main task is to survey and draw various scale topographic map, establish digital terrain model, and provide basic data for a variety of geographic information systems and land information systems. The two major problems to be solved in photogrammetry are geometric localization and image interpretation. Geometric positioning is the determination of the size, shape and space position of the object. The basic principle of geometric location is derived from the forward intersection method. Image interpretation is to determine the nature of the image object.

3. Classification

According to the different position of the camera at the time of photography, photogrammetry can be divided into ground photogrammetry, aerial photogrammetry and aerospace photogrammetry.

According to the different application fields, photogrammetry can be divided into topographic photogrammetry and non topographic photogrammetry.

According to the different technical processing methods (also different historical stage), photogrammetry can be divided into analog photogrammetry, analytical photogrammetry and digital photogrammetry.

4. Characteristics

People carry out the main work in the room without touching the object itself, so it is rarely affected by geography, climate, and conditions of the restrictions; photograph is a true reflection of the object or target, with rich information, intuitive image, so people can get a lot of geometric information and physical information of the object;  instantaneous image of the dynamic object that is difficult to get by conventional methods can be acquired; it is applicable to a wide range of topographic mapping, mapping fast, with high efficiency; it has a variety of products, such as paper-made topographic map, digital line graphics, digital elevation model, digital photography, etc.


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