Light Industry Technology and Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Light Industry Technology and Engineering trains advanced engineering and technical personnel who will be engaged in research and development of new materials, new products and new technology, engineering design and implementation, technical problems solving and technological transformation, popularization and application of new technology, project planning and management, product quality control, production, equipment management in this field.

2. Research Direction

Pulp and paper engineering, sugar engineering, fermentation engineering and leather chemistry and engineering.

3. Training Objectives

Students should master solid science and technology theory and broad professional knowledge, have a comprehensive understanding of the development trend of this field at home and abroad, be able to skillfully use advanced science and technology and experimental methods, have the ability to work independently in research, transformation, development and application (including engineering design and engineering management) of engineering technology.

4. Curriculum

Application of computer technology, numerical analysis, pulp fluid measurement technology, structure and properties of paper pulp, paper pulp bleaching, principle and technology, principle of transfer process, high yield pulp, printing and image processing, carbohydrate chemistry, biochemistry and technology of polysaccharide, new technology of polysaccharide detection, new reaction equipment and apparatus, biological separation process and its computer simulation, the solution crystallization technology, solution theory, electromagnetic processing technology of solution, sonochemistry and its applications, starch and starch sugar, starch derivatives, modern analysis technology of starch and starch sugar, carbohydrate production, utilization of heat energy in the production process of sugar, derivatives of sucrose, new method of sugar production, clean production of sugar and environmental protection, microbial enzyme, chromatographic separation technique, fermentation engineering technology, introduction to biochemical engineering and control, enzyme engineering, bioreactor engineering, bio-pharmaceuticals technology, biochemical separation engineering, biological resource engineering, environmental biotechnology, animal and plant cell culture, modern processing theory and technology of leather, process technology and theory of leather cleaning, modern testing techniques for leather, synthesis and application of leather chemicals, light industrial vacuum equipment and vacuum technology and negative pressure effect, thermal process of light industrial vacuum equipment, principle and design of automatic control of light industry, neural network and artificial intelligence in light industry technology.

5. Technology basis

Pulping chemistry, chemical structure of plant fibers and its research methods, pulp and paper sheet forming mechanism, paper processing principle and technology, pulp and paper machinery, mathematical model and computer simulation of pulping and paper making process, pulping and paper making biotechnology, slurry fluid mechanics, advanced color science, colloid and surface chemistry, sugar science and engineering, transfer process, modern biochemical technology, microbial physiology and genetic engineering, micro structure of leather and hard protein chemistry, light industry equipment and control, design and processing technology and principle of leather products.


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