Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology aims to train application-oriented and composite engineering and technical personnel who have preliminary ability of automobile design and engage in automobile work in manufacturing, testing, maintenance, marketing, management, and service and higher technology applied talents who works for vehicle related industries in vehicles production, construction, management, and service.

2. Studying Content

Students in Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Technology mainly study basic knowledge and basic theory of mechanical engineering and automotive engineering in vehicle inspection and maintenance technology and mainly accept basic training of automobile detection and maintenance, driving, car manufacturing process on site practice, curriculum design and etc. Then, students possess the basic ability in automobile manufacturing, testing, maintenance, marketing, management, and service. Students in this program learn installation principle of automobile circuit, electronically controlled ignition, fuel injection, ABS anti lock braking, automotive air conditioning, car audio, car video, reversing radar, CD function and anti-theft device and learn maintenance and repairing EFI car, and whole car circuit faults. And then students can learn a full set of advanced maintenance technology of EFI car.

3. Knowledge and Ability

(1). Systematically master the basic knowledge of technology and theory of the program, mainly including the mechanics, mechanical engineering and metallurgical technology. Systematically master the structure and principle of automobile and engine;

(2). Having basic knowledge and skills to test and analyze the performance of the vehicle and its components and assemblies;

(3). Having basic ability to develop automobile manufacturing and maintenance processes and operations;

(4). Having basic ability to judge and test the common fault of automobile;

(5). Having basic skills in automotive technology services;

(6). Possessing primary ability in technical and economic analysis of enterprises and production and operation management.

4. Main Subjects

Mechanical engineering, Automobile Engineering

5. Main Courses

Automobile machinery foundation, automotive electrical and electronic technology, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, principle and maintenance of automobile engine, automobile engine electronic control technology, principle and maintenance of automobile chassis, principle and maintenance of automatic transmission, principle and maintenance of automotive electrical equipment, vehicle detection technology, automobile fault diagnosis and maintenance technology, automobile professional foreign language, auto decoration and beauty, auto insurance and claims, transport ion pollution and control in traffic environment

6. Professional Skills Certificates

(1)Intermediate certificate of vehicle maintenance or advanced certificate of vehicle maintenance

(2)Automobile maintenance electrician certificate

(3)Auto surveyor rating certificate

(4)Used car assessment division certificate

7. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can engage in automobile work in production, professional maintenance and can go into sales company, detection station, transportation company, car operations and other departments in the vehicle inspection and maintenance, operation and management of the automobile, automotive marketing and evaluation, auto parts sales and related technical services.


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