Electrified Railway Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Electrified Railway Technology program trains senior technical talents who can master the basic knowledge and skills for the maintenance of electric locomotive and others. The graduates should have the solid theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability, and can get engaged in the locomotive test, application and maintenance in the department of railway locomotive factory, railway line, city rail transportation, subway and other departments. 

2. Main Courses

Circuit, analog electronics, digital electronics, computer principle and application, the principle of automatic control, computer interface technology, motor and drive, power electronics, railway power supply, principle and application of single-chip, programmable controller and its application, detection and sensing technology, signal foundation, electronic circuit training, electrical installation training, PLC application training 

3. Training Requirements

The students should master the skills of test, application and maintenance of electric locomotive. And they mainly study the knowledge of electrotechnics, electronic technique, the basic structure of electric locomotive, the working principle of electric locomotive, fault handling of electric locomotive, urban rail transit, and receive the training of computer, drawing, metalworking, the routine test, application, inspection and maintenance of locomotive. 

4. Knowledge and Ability

The maintenance, management, application, and development of railway electrification equipment.

5. Employment Prospects

Students can get engaged in the operation and construction management of railway electrification, urban electric transportation, underground railway, industrial and mining electric transportation, power supply for industrial enterprises. 


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