Engineering Degree Program in China - Network Engineering

1. Introduction

Network Engineering refers to design, research and solving the problem of network system according to the engineered thought and method of plan. Network engineering trains senior research and application oriented talents with basic knowledge and theory of natural science, humanities and social sciences, computer science, computer software and hardware system and application, network engineering and application. These personnel have ability to analyze and solve problems in the field of network engineering with practical skills and innovative awareness.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and design principles of computer, communication and network; master computer communication and network technology; receive the basic training of network engineering practice; possess the basic ability of research, design, development, engineering application, management and maintenance of computer network equipment and system.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) With solid foundation of knowledge of natural science, humanities and social sciences;

2). Systematically master the basic theory and knowledge of computer and network communication;

3). Master analysis, design and development methods of computer, network and communication system;

4) With basic ability to design, develop, apply and manage computer network system;

5) Understand latest progress and development trend in the field of computer and network communication;

6). Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain ability in scientific research and practical work.

4. Main Subjects

Computer Science and Technology

5. Main Courses

Advanced mathematics, linear algebra, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, circuit and electronics, digital logic circuit, data structure, compile principle, operating system, database system, assembler language programming, computer composition principle, microcomputer system and interface technology, communication theory, communication system, computer network, principle of modern exchange, TCP / IP principle and technology, computer network security, computer network principle, network programming technology, computer network management, network operating system, Internet technology and application, software engineering and methodology, digital signal processing, grid computing technology, computer system structure

6. Practical Teaching

Production practice, network comprehensive experiment, software curriculum design, hardware curriculum design, C++ VISUAL curriculum design, graduation design (thesis)

7. Certificate

(1) Computer maintenance engineer

(2) Engineer of computer hardware installation and adjustment

(3) Program designer (VB direction)

(4) Network generic cabling engineer

(5) Network engineering and Manager

(6) Database developer (VFP direction)

(7) Web Designer

(8) Graphic Designer

(9) Animation designer

(10) Dynamic web designer

(11) SQL database maintenance engineer

(12) CCNA

(13) CCNP

(14) CCIE

8. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation can go into different enterprises and institutions be engaged in office automation, computer installation and maintenance, computer network, maintenance, management and development of server and web production work; be engaged in development and management work of dynamic business website, software testing and development work and commodity trade of computer related equipment.


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