Powder Materials Science and Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Powder Materials Science and Engineering is a new program in the field of material science developing from powder metallurgy program and the discipline focuses on the research of powder physical chemistry and preparation of powder materials.

The program has a wide range, covering materials science, engineering and chemistry, etc. The major is based on materials science, chemistry, physics, the students mainly study the variation law and its application of the new functional material composition and structure, synthesis and preparation, performance and effectiveness, training the ability of applying the basic theory, basic knowledge and experimental skills of materials science, chemistry, engineering and physics to conduct the design, research and technology development of functional inorganic materials, functional polymer materials and functional composite materials.

2. Training Objectives

Powder materials science and engineering program mainly cultivates senior specialized personnel who is committed to the scientific research, technology development, process design, material preparation and processing, performance test and production management of new materials, and related discipline knowledge and the background of the industry include nanotechnology, fine ceramic, metal and alloy materials, polymer materials, aerospace aviation materials, ship building material, high temperature alloy, hard alloy, medical biological materials, energy materials, magnetic materials, stealth absorbing wave materials, environmental filtering materials and other functional materials. The basic theory and professional knowledge of powder material science and engineering plays an important leading role in the high technology industry and national defense industry construction, which has formed a complete discipline system with its own characteristics.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic skills of materials science and engineering and have the basic ability to be engaged in practical work.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theory of materials science and engineering;

2) Master the basic skills in the field of materials science and engineering;

3) With competition and team spirit;

4) Understand the development prospects and trends of the subject.

5. Main Courses

Inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, fundamentals of materials science, fundamentals of materials engineering, mechanical design basis, powder engineering, powder metallurgy principle, forming mold design and manufacturing technology, material analysis testing method, physical and mechanical properties of materials such as, emphasizing the computer sciences and humanities literacy, paying attention to the cultivation of scientific thinking and innovative ability.

6. Practice Teaching

Course practice, graduation design, etc

7. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can be engaged in the scientific research, production and new products, new technology development, teaching and management work of the processing and preparation of powder materials, powder metallurgy, hard alloy and super hard materials, ceramic materials, new electrical and electronic materials, nano materials and composite materials at institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprises and so on.


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