Engineering degree program in China - Optical Engineering

Optical engineering has developed into the optical-based, and information science, energy science, materials science, life sciences, space science, precision machinery and manufacturing, computer science and microelectronics technology disciplines closely interdisciplinary and mutual penetration. It includes many important branches of emerging disciplines such as laser technology, optical fiber communication, optical storage and recording, optical information processing, optoelectronic display, holographic and three-dimensional imaging, thin film and integrated optics, optical and fiber sensing, optical detection, laser materials Processing and processing, low-light and infrared thermal imaging, photoelectric measurement, modern optical and optoelectronic devices and devices, optical remote sensing technology and integrated optical engineering technology. These branches not only make a quantum leap in optical engineering, but also promote the establishment of a rapidly expanding scale of the unprecedented modern optics and optoelectronics industry.

In recent years, in some important fields, the information carrier is being extended from the electromagnetic wave band to the optical wave band, so that the main body of the modern optical industry concentrates on optical information such as optical information acquisition, transmission, processing, recording, storage, display and sensing Industry. These industries generally have digital, integrated and micro-structured technology features. The traditional optical systems continue to be intelligent and automated, which can still play an important role in the set of sensing, processing and executive functions in one of the micro-optical system research and development of photon in the role of information science research, Will become the future of optical engineering disciplines of the important direction of development

Degree Setting:


And the doctoral degree of research related to professional courses; and doctoral research work related to the international development of dynamic overview, doctoral students report on the progress of research work under supervision of professors

Master Degree:

Basic courses: Applied Optics and Optics instrument, Advanced Physical Optics, Modern Optics, Optoelectronics, Spectroscopy, Quantum Electronics, Digital Image Processing, and Engineering Mathematics.

Specialized courses: Optical design, principle and technology of laser, optical waveguide, optical thin film, optical materials and technology, radiometry and colorimetry, Fourier optics, optical information processing, nonlinear optics, quantum optics, optical communication principle, measurement, detection and sensing technology, optical measurement and testing.

Major related disciplines:

Physics, instrument science and technology, electronic science and technology, computer science and technology, mechanical engineering, information and communication engineering, materials science and engineering, biomedical engineering.


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