Engineering Degree Program in China - Digital Mine

1. Introduction

Digital Mine is a unified understanding and digital representation of the real overall mine and related phenomena. It is a "silicon mine", which is an important part of digital mine area and digital coal mine. The core is to organize the information of all kinds of mines scientifically and reasonably under the unified time coordinate and space frame, to conduct comprehensive, efficient and orderly management and integration on massive, heterogeneous information resources of the mines, integrated management and control system established on the basis of digitization, informationization, virtualization, intelligentization, integration, managed by the computer network, it comprehensively considers various factors including production, operation, management, environment, resource, safety and efficiency, to enable enterprises to achieve the overall coordination and optimization, under the premise of ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises, to improve the overall efficiency and market competitiveness and adaptive ability. The ultimate goal of digital mine is to realize the comprehensive automation of mine.

2. Principles

Digital mine takes the mine system as a prototype, using geographic coordinates as the frame of reference, taking the mines science and technology, information science, artificial intelligence and computational science as the theoretical basis, taking high and new mines observation and network technology as the support, set up a series of different levels of prototype, field system, material model, mechanical model, mathematical model, information model and computer model and integration, available multimedia and simulation of virtual technology of multi-dimensional expression, also with high resolution, massive data and a variety of data fusion and spacialization, digitization, network, intelligent and visualization technology system. It is information and digital virtual mine, informatization and digital method to study and build the mines, mines beneath the surface of human engineering activities are digitized by the computer network to manage the technology system. It can be used to understand the information process involved in the whole mining system, especially the relation and interaction between the multi bodies of the mine system.

3. System Structure

1) Basic data layer

2) Model layer

3) Simulation and optimization layer

4) Design layer

5) Implementation and control layer

6) Management layer

7) Decision supporting layer

According to the functions, the digital mine includes six kinds of systems: data acquisition and management system, digital mining system, mining area geographic information system, mineral processing digital monitoring system, management system, decision support system. Digital mining system is the core system, but also the main creator of efficiency and benefit.

4. Trend and Characteristics

1) Digital mine is an important part of the national strategic resources security system, and it is an important data base for evaluating the ecological environment of mine resources. Digital mine construction is an important cornerstone of sustainable development of resources, the fundamental way to resolve the risk of high-risk industries. Green mine is a developing trend.

2) Characteristics: basic information digitization, production process virtualization, management and control integration, integration of decision-making process.

5. Development Goals

Takes the overall system composed by the mineral resources, personnel, materials, equipment, funds, and information as the object, planning, to conduct the planning, design, evaluation and innovation to improve the efficiency of mining enterprises, reduce costs, to ensure personnel safety and health, to increase economic benefit, to optimize the whole system of mining enterprises.


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