Engineering Degree Program in China - Biomechanical Engineering

1. Introduction

Biomechanical Engineering is an important part of biomedical engineering. It makes use of the theories and methods of modern biology, medicine, engineering, information science and technology, research, create new materials, new technology, new equipment, used for the treatment, rehabilitation and health care, protecting the health of the people, to improve the level of medical care, to promote a new interdisciplinary science in the progress of modern medicine, at the same time, it is an interdisciplinary subject.

2. Research Content

Biology, medicine, biomechanics rheology, material science, mechanics, bionics, electronics, computer and information science, control theory, etc., among which the research, design and manufacturing for the human body material, artificial organs, medical devices, remote diagnosis and treatment system, movement and rehabilitation machinery, medical and biomimetic robots are closely related to mechanical engineering. Bio mechanical engineering research status, significance, development trend, problems and countermeasures study aims to promote the progress of biomedical engineering and obtain more popularization and application of the results, to achieve maximization of economic and social benefits.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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