Engineering Degree Program in China - Light Chemical Engineering

1. Introduction

Light Chemical Engineering refers to pulping and paper making, delicate chemical industry, textile dyeing and finishing and leather in national important basic industries and raw material industries.

2. Training Objectives

Light Chemical Engineering trains application-oriented technical talents who can be engaged in industrial production, process design, scientific research, technology management, and new product development in the fields of textile chemistry such as dyeing and finishing engineering, leather engineering, pulp and paper making, etc.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). Students will have the basic knowledge of natural science such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc., with strong ability of computer application;

2). Students will master the basic theory of operation, process principles, professional theoretical knowledge and basic experimental technology of chemical units, with the ability to do performance analysis, testing and quality controlling of products;

3). Students will master the basic principles of productive machinery and equipment of light and chemical engineering, with initial capacity of equipment selection, supporting, technical transformation and production organization and management;

4). Students will have the initial ability of research and development of new products, new technology, new materials, new technology;

5). Students will master the basic knowledge of technical and economic analysis, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization in production process;

6). Students will have the ability to innovate and acquire new knowledge independently, and should know the frontier and developing trend of the specialty.

4. Training Requirement

Students should master basic theory and technology of textiles, leather, paper and cigarettes making by chemical, physical and mechanical methods with variety of natural resources and products, get basic training of experimental operating, process design, product performance analysis, production technology management and development and research of new product. 

5. Main Subjects:

Chemical engineering and technology

6. Main Courses

Inorganic and analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, principles of chemical engineering, biochemistry, etc.

7. Practical Teaching

Metalworking practice, production practice, experiment, analysis and test, curriculum design of principles of chemical engineering, graduation design (Thesis).

8. Experiments

Analysis and testing experiments, principles of chemical engineering, process experiments, etc.

9. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in management of production, quality control and analysis, research and development of waste water treatment in departments of pulp and paper making, international trade, commodity inspection, environmental protection, technical supervision, chemistry, etc., and can also be engaged in teaching, engineering design, technology development and management, scientific research in colleges and research institutes.

10. Similar Majors

Food science and Engineering, light chemical engineering, Packaging Engineering,  printing engineering, textile engineering, clothing design and engineering, grape and wine engineering, food quality and safety.


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