Aviation Electrical and Electronic Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Aviation Electrical and Electronic Technology program trains high-quality skilled personnel who can engaged in work of testing for electronic product quality, electronics technology, PCB design and production, maintenance services of electronic products and electronic product design in home electronics, communication electronics, and aviation electronic industry.

2. Knowledge and Ability

1) With technical knowledge of electrical and electronic technology and ability of operation of electrical and electronic technology;

2) With capabilities of application, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electronic equipment;

3) With capacity of design and production of PCB board;

4) With design ability of general electronic products.

3. Main Courses

Electrical technology, analog and digital electronic technology, high-frequency electronic technology, application and practice of microprocessor, principle and technology of television, new bus technology, electronic measurement and instrument, detection and sensing technology, design and production of PCB, production and analysis of electronic products, digital system design and programmable devices

4. Similar Programs

Aviation communications technology, air traffic management, management of civil aviation safety technology, aircraft control equipment and instrument, maintenance of aerospace mechanical and electrical equipment

5. Employment Prospects

Students after graduation are mainly engaged in inspection and maintenance work for aircraft avionics system.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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