Telecommunications Engineering with Management Program in China

1. Introduction

Telecommunication Engineering with Management is an inter-discipline of information industry. According to the demands of modern information society, the program cultivates talents with the basic knowledge of communication technology, communication system and information network and management theory; who can also be engaged in the operation and management in the field of communication, and open up the international market.

2. Training Objectives

The students mainly study the basic theory, principle and design method of the communication system and communication network, receive the basic training of communication engineering. At the same time, they also study network protocol, business management and the knowledge of other field; and be able to be engaged in the design, operation, management and market development of modern communication system and network.

3. Training Requirements

The program trains students to master the basic theory and knowledge of communication, the communication technologies, such as optical wave, wireless, multimedia and so on; be able to design, measure and use communication systems and communication networks; understand the basic principles, policies and regulations of the construction of communication system and communication network; master the basic theory and knowledge of business management; understand the latest development trends of communication technology and enterprise operation and management, and master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query.

4. Main Courses

Circuit courses, computer courses, signals and systems, digital signal processing, communication principle, electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave, microwave technology, modern communication technology, business management, product development

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in scientific research, engineering design, product development, network operations, marketing planning, business management and others in the world information communication, the media of radio, TV, network and other related fields.


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