Engineering Degree Program in China - Mineral Process Engineering

1. Introduction

Mineral Process Engineering is an applied technology subject that studies mineral separation. The purpose is to separate useful minerals from gangue (useless) minerals. For example, iron, copper, lead, zinc ores contain gangue minerals such as quartz, the low-grade raw ore is concentrated to make agglomerated iron ore by gravity concentration, magnetic separation and flotation etc. which prepares for the next step: smelting. In the coal industry, using gravity concentration and flotation to select clean coal and abandon gangue.

2. Subject Characteristics

1) Phosphate rock flotation

2) Development of mineral materials

3) Mineral biology

4) Secondary resources

3. Training Objectives

The program trains senior engineering and technical personnel who are engaged in the mineral (metal, nonmetal, coal) sorting, processing and the production, design, scientific research, development and technical reform and management in the field of the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources.

4. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, mineralogy, ore dressing, mechanical engineering, comprehensive utilization of resources and so on, receive the basic training in experimental research, engineering design method, production management, computer applications and other aspects, with the basic ability of the research, design and production management of mineral processing.

5. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills of chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, electromagnetism and engineering fluid mechanics and so on;

2) Master the basic knowledge and skills of the necessary expertise in mineralogy and petrology, machinery, electrical and electronic technology, computer application;

3) Master the basic knowledge and skills of mineral (metal, nonmetal, coal) materials science and materials performance testing, research methods and product quality control;

4) Master the engineering design method of mineral processing plant, and have the ability to carry on the craft design;

5) With the basic knowledge of the accident treatment and equipment maintenance of the mineral processing equipment and electrical equipment, and with the ability of scientific research;

6) With the technology and ability of one or several conventional mineral processing (gravity, magnetic, floating, sintering, pellet, wet metallurgy, etc.).

6. Main Subjects

Mineral processing, research on the ore dressing, design of mineral processing plant, mining engineering

7. Main Courses

Inorganic and analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, washability study of general chemistry ore, further processing of non metallic mineral, sintering ore and pellet production, ore deposit science, mineralography, engineering fluid mechanics, mineral processing, mineralogy, mineral processing machinery and equipment, process design of mineral processing plant, mineral processing test research methods, technical and economic analysis and production management, etc.

8. Practice Teaching

Metalworking practice, cognition practice, production practice, graduation practice, program experiment, computer application and practice, curriculum design, graduation design (thesis), etc. the general arrangement is not less than 30 weeks.

9. Program Experiments

Mineral composition analysis, gravity concentration, flotation separation, magnetic separation, chemical mineral processing, powder engineering, separation of solid liquid and solid gas, etc

10. Similar Programs

Mining engineering, petroleum engineering, exploration technology and engineering, resource exploration engineering, geological engineering, mineral resources engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, coal and coalbed methane engineering

11. Employment Prospects

Graduates can work in design and research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises and government agencies in the field of mineral resources utilization, engaged in the selection and processing of minerals (metals, non metals, coal), and the technical transformation, production, design, decision, scientific research, development and management in the field of the comprehensive utilization of metal mineral, non metallic mineral resources, the graduates can also be engaged in the teaching and scientific research of colleges and universities.


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