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Besides the attraction of working in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, many foreigners are also drawn to China because of a personal desire to experience a completely different culture. Due to the rapid growth of industrial production, China is in need of more skilled foreigner engineers. Also due to the Chinese government’s commitment to developing the technology industry and the industry’s rapid development, there is a shortage of Engineers professionals with thousands of job openings in the engineering sector and related fields not being filled. These increase the opportunities of foreigner engineers who want to work in Chinese engineering companies because they are in need. Engineer’s job in China could be found in different area such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering, aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering, architectural engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering and Biomedical engineering. Chinese engineering companies provide one of the most rewarding and enlightening opportunity for foreign engineers who want to have their job experience in these companies. In addition, if you want to work in the engineering companies located in big cities, major metropolitan such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tiajin, we can knock and find a suitable engineering companies for your career.

Chinese Engineering Companies :
Engineering companies in China may be categorized in four major parts:
Construction and civil engineering companies such as China Machinery Engineering Corporation, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, CGC Overseas Construction Group, China Aluminum International Engineering, China Road and Bridge Corporation, and China Railway Seventh Group, etc…
Energy companies such as Power grid corporations of China, Beijing Jingneng Thermal Power, China Huaneng Group, China Shenhua Energy Company, Datang International Power Generation Company, Panjiang Coal and Electric Power Group, China General Nuclear Power Group, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Sunergy, Topray Solar, China Power New Energy Development Company Limited,  and China Three Gorges Corporation etc…
Shipbuilding companies such as China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, and Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company etc…
Computer engineering companies such as Dalian Hi-Think Computer Neusoft Corporation, Electronic information industry in China, Software industry in China, and Seioglobal etc… 
Working conditions :
According to Chinese labour law, the standard working time is 40 hours per week. In theory, the standard work week in China runs from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6pm, but in reality, overtime is the norm. All Foreigner engineers workers in China are entitled to three national holidays, each stretching into a week of vacation: Chinese New Year (usually in late January or late February), International Labour Day (first week of May) and National Day (first week of October). 
While employees get the week off, the government mandates that workers "make up" for the holiday by working through the previous weekend (resulting in only three days off). In any case, you should ensure that your holidays are stated in your employment contract. Employment package for foreign engineers working in China depend on whether you are hired as an expat from abroad, your work experience, the standard of the company which hired you, your specialized area etc.. If you are employed in Construction and Civil Engineering Company, of course your salary will differ from the one who works in Energy Company or computer engineering company, also your full range of benefits will differ to. 
Employment benefits for Engineers working in China :
Besides the salary itself, the extra benefits that you receive as engineer worker in China can be just as important. Some Foreign Engineers packages don't include any housing; others will provide you with housing allowance. Only very few engineering Company which hire foreign engineers provide an apartment, you'll have to find one on your own otherwise.
Healthcare: When working in China, you will certainly want a foreign healthcare package and an evacuation service. This may be included in your employment contract.
Vacations: Standard vacations for foreign Engineers in most Chinese engineering Companies are 3-4 weeks of paid vacation per year. If you get lucky, your vacation package will also include a yearly return flight to your home country.
Visas: Most of Engineering Companies in China handle all tasks related to your visa. 
Bonuses and raises: Standard bonuses are a month salary or less. Standard raises vary from year to year, but are normally between 5-15%.
Staying in China as foreign Engineer for sure will need basic Chinese language; sometimes the company would pay Chinese language lessons for you. In high-level positions, you will often get a mobile phone and a car and/or driver, or at least have travel to and from work reimbursed.
Qualifications for working China :
Like everywhere else in the world, Engineering companies in China are especially looking for foreign engineers with a good mix of hard skills, soft skills and language skills. In a country where cheap labour is abundant, a bachelor’s degree in engineering is a major requirement and having higher education like masters or PhDs increase your chance of getting a job not only easily but also in engineering companies with international recognition.  

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