Polymer Material Manufacturing Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Polymer Material Manufacturing Technology program trains senior technical and practical talents who can be engaged in technological development, craft work, design, operation, maintenance and maintenance of equipment and mold, production and operation in the field of polymer processing.

2. Training Requirement

1). Students should master the methods of synthesis and modification of polymer materials; 

2). Students should master the composition, structure and properties relationship of polymer materials;

3). Students should master basic theory and basic skills of processing rheology of polymer, molding process and mold design; 

4). Students should have the preliminary ability to modify polymer materials, research, design, analyze, and test the processing technology of polymer materials;

5). Students should have the preliminary ability to carry out technical and economic analysis and management during modifying and processing polymer materials.

3. Core Competencies

Students have the ability to use new technology and new equipment.

4. Curriculum

Basic chemistry of polymer materials (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, integration of polymer chemistry), machinery foundation (Mechanical Engineering, mechanical parts and mechanical principle, integration of metal craft), fundamentals of electrical and mechanical control (Electrical Engineering and electronics, hydraulic transmission, mechanical and electrical control technology, integration of molding machine control technology), polymer physics, analysis and testing of polymer materials, polymer materials and formulation technology, polymer materials processing, the processing equipment for polymer materials (rubber processing equipment, plastic molding equipment), polymer material shaping mold.

5. Practical Teaching

Fitter training, metalworking practice, practice of mechanical and electrical control, production practice, graduation comprehensive training, etc.

6. Research Area

Plastic molding technology, plastic molding and equipment, plastic molding and mold, manufacturing technology of rubber product, rubber processing and equipment.

7.Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in processing and management of polymer materials in building materials industry, packaging industry, household electrical appliance industry.


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