Railway Locomotive Vehicle Program in China

1. Introduction

Railway Locomotive Vehicle refers to all the vehicles on the railway transportation. It usually includes power vehicles and no power vehicles, such as railway locomotives, railway vehicles, passenger cars. In some cases, the railway locomotive and rolling stock represents non powered vehicle, such as trailer. The research direction of the program is about the use and maintenance of electric power, diesel locomotive and railway vehicle.

2. Training Objectives

The program is to cultivable senior technical talents who can master the knowledge and skills of the production, use, maintenance and management of railway locomotive vehicles, and can get engaged in the production, use, management, inspection, maintenance and locomotive scheduling of railway locomotive vehicle.

3. Knowledge and Ability

The inspection and maintenance of electric locomotive and diesel locomotive 

4. Main Courses

Fundamentals of electrotechnics, fundamentals of electronic technique, locomotive structure, electric drive for locomotives, AC speed technology, analysis of new technology of locomotive, equipment management, machinery manufacturing technology, locomotive operation and management, treatment of engine failure, locomotive inspection and repair, microcomputer detection technology, brake technology training, electric drive technology training, graduation practice, graduation design, assessment of tinkering skill

5. Employment Prospects

The graduates can get engaged in the use and management of railway locomotive vehicle, or work at the inspection and maintenance department of electric locomotive factory, or railway locomotive depot.


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