Engineering Degree Program in China - Smart Grid Information Engineering

1. Introductio

The Smart Grid Information Engineering trains "composite" senior engineering and technical personnel with a solid professional theory and professional skills, with strong comprehensive quality and innovative spirit, who master the basic theory of information acquisition and processing and power system communication technology and master the rules and characteristics of power system production and operation, and have certain knowledge of structure and key technology of the smart grid system, and can engaged in research, development, design, manufacture, operation and maintenance and management in the field of information, automation and interactive electrical power system.

2. Main Subjects

Advanced mathematics, physics, circuit and electronic technical basis, motor, power electronics technology, software technology, signals and systems, control theory, power system analysis, introduction of smart grid, smart grid information technology, intelligent substation, microgrid and its control, smart grid advanced sensing technology, new energy power generation technology, etc.

3. Main Practice Teaching 

Curriculum practice, graduation design, etc.

4. Training Requirement

Students mainly learn the basic theory and basic skills of Smart Grid Information Engineering, get the basic training on smart grid information engineering to ensure that they have basic ability in practical work.

5. Knowledge and Ability

1. Master related theoretical knowledge of smart grid. 2. with good scientific quality and cultural accomplishment; 3. with solid professional theory and professional skills; 4. With basic ability to comprehensively analyze and solve practical problems. 5. Be able to skillfully read the professional foreign language information; 6. take hold of the basic methods required in document searching and data querying, with preliminary scientific research and practical work ability.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduate’s employment prospects are broad. The graduates mainly engaged in design, development, production operation and management, scientific research, technical support in power grid companies, power generation companies, scientific research and design, institutions of higher learning, and other relevant industry or sector.


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