Engineering Degree Program in China - Forest Engineering

1. Introduction

Food Engineering mainly learn the basic knowledge of food engineering drawing, the theory and method of unit operations in food processing, chemical, microbiological and physical properties changes during food and products processing and storage; food processing technology and equipment, ventilation and dust removal and material conveying, food factory power supply and automation, food plant design.

2. Program Directions

1) Grain and oil processing technology

2) Food engineering

3. Training Objectives

The program trains senior technical application-oriented specialized personnel who can be engaged in food production technology management, grain and oil products processing, food engineering, planning and management.

4. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of biology and food engineering, technology and management of food production and food quality detection and safety aspects of basic training, to have basic ability of food research, food quality and safety testing and other aspects.

5. Knowledge and Skills

1) With the basic capabilities of grain and oil production and management, new product development, processing technology transformation, plant design, storage and transportation logistics;

2) Master the professional comprehensive ability of grain and oil quality and safety control, comprehensive utilization of oil and oil resources;

3) With the ability of food production management and technical and economic analysis;

4) Have good quality and ability of scientific research work, with independent access to knowledge, computer applications and information processing of the basic ability;

5) With a certain ability of innovation and entrepreneurship;

6) Have a certain ability to adapt to the adjacent professional work.

6. Main Courses

Food engineering introduction, food production, food processing, food storage, food transport, food marketing, the principle of food engineering, food microbiology, food analysis, grain and oil processing, fermentation food technology, baking technology products, food machinery and equipment, curriculum design, food storage and comprehensive training, production practice, graduation practice and so on.

7. Practical Teaching

Food engineering cognition practice, food engineering program social investigation, food processing technology design and internships, food engineering principle course design, course design of food factory design, graduation practice, graduation design and thesis

8. Program Experiments

Biochemical experiment, food chemistry experiment, microbiology experiment, food engineering principle experiment, grain quality analysis experiment, food processing technology experiment, ventilation and dust removal and material conveying experiment, food factory power supply and automation experiment

9. Employment Prospects

Technology and management work in the fields of grain production, storage and transportation, processing and sales


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