Engineering Degree Program in China - Electronic Science and Technology

1. Introduction

Electronic Science and Technology is a comprehensive program with basic knowledge, a wide range of applications. Electronic Science and technology is to train compound professionals in Electronic Science and technology and related areas with solid theory foundation of microelectronics, optoelectronics, integrated circuits, experimental skills and theory knowledge, they can engage in areas of various kinds of electronic materials, components, integrated circuit, electronic system, optoelectronic systems design, manufacturing, technology development, and scientific research, teaching and production management. Students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of mathematics, physics, physical electronics, optoelectronics and microelectronics field, and have basic training for relevant information electronic experimental technology and computer technology, and master the various kinds of electronic materials, technology, components and system design, and the basic ability of research and development.

2. Knowledge and Ability

(1) With a solid foundation of natural science, a good foundation for the humanities and Social Sciences;

(2) Grasp the basic theory of the necessary technology of the program

(3)With a strong ability of experiment, computer aided design, testing and engineering practice ;

(4) Understand the theoretical front and development trends of the program ;

(5) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, with the ability of certain scientific research and practice

3. Main Subjects

Circuit and electronic technology theory and application of series of courses, basic computer technology courses, semiconductor physics, electronic technology (analog and digital), electronic circuit CAD, principle and application of single chip microcomputer, digital system design, semiconductor devices, integrated circuit technology principle, set into the circuit layout design.

4. Practical Teaching

Computer application basic training, the design of electronic circuits, electronic process practice, production practice, integrated circuit layout of curriculum design, intelligent electronic systems design practice, programmable logic device application practice and graduation practice. Teaching time usually last 20 weeks.

5. Similar Major

Microelectronics, automation, electronic information engineering, communication engineering, computer science and technology, information engineering, information science and technology, software engineering, film and television art technology, network engineering, information display and optoelectronic technology, integrated circuit design and integration of the system, photoelectric information engineering, radio television engineering, electrical and information engineering, computer software, electric engineering and management, intelligent science and technology, digital media arts, detection, guidance and control technology, electrical engineering and automation, digital media technology, information and communication engineering, construction of electrical and intelligent, electromagnetic field and wireless technology.

6. Employment Prospects

Graduate students may work in the area of microelectronics, control, and other related fields, and do some research and teaching at scientific research institutes and colleges and universities, they can also get engaged in design of integrated circuit, the development of electronic components, the design of hardware and software of measurement and control instrument, and the management and production of electronic products in the company and enterprises . 




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