Engineering Degree Program in China - Mechatronic Engineering

1. Introduction

Mechatronic Engineering, also known as mechanical and electrical integration, is a kind of mechanical engineering and automation. Mechatronic engineering includes basic theoretical knowledge and mechanical design and manufacturing methods, computer hardware and software applications, can undertake all kinds of mechanical and electrical products and systems design, manufacture, testing and development work.

2. Core Technologies

1) Mechanical technology

2) Electronic Technology

3) Automatic control technology

4) Detection sensing technology

5) Information processing technology

6) Servo drive technology

7) Overall system technology

3. Training Objectives

Mechatronic engineering program trains senior application-oriented talents with the basic knowledge and professional skills of mechatronic engineering program, can be engaged in the first production line for design and manufacturing, development and control, application research, production management of mechatronic engineering products; training compound teachers of vocational education in higher vocational education fields who can be engaged in the theory teaching, professional practice guidance and student management of mechanical and electrical integration.

4. Cultivation Characteristics

The teaching pays attention to the cultivation of students' engineering practice ability and innovative ability, relying on the comprehensive advantages of light, mechanical, electrical, computer, information control, computer control system, automation instrument and device, intelligent mechatronics detection, photoelectric conversion and communication technology etc. series of elective courses for students' autonomous reading, to enable students to use the knowledge to design and develop the measurement and control system and testing instruments required by the industry. Taking into account the engineering science education and engineering practice training, cultivate senior compound engineering and technical personnel with solid foundation, wide range of knowledge, application ability, innovative spirit.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of mechanics, mechanology, microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, signal processing technology, the application technology of the computer, information processing technology and modern design method; receive basic training of modern engineers, with the basic abilities of mechanical and electrical products design, development, manufacturing, operation, test and production organization and management skills.

6. Program Abilities

1) With the basic skills of drawing, mechanical and electrical signal acquisition, conversion and detection, mechanical and electrical systems, computer control, PLC control, document retrieval and so on

2) With strong actual operation skills of numerical control machine tool operation, the debugging, repair, the maintenance and so on

3) With the capacity of using modern technology to test mechanical and electrical parameters, the rational use of mechanical and electrical equipment

4) With the development and application ability of mechanical and electrical products

5) With design and development capabilities of mechanical, electronic, digital product structure

6) With the management ability of mechanical, electronic related production enterprises and R & D institutions

7. Main Courses

Electrical and electronic technology, mechanical drawing, engineering mechanics, mechanical design basis, mechanical principles, mechanical manufacturing base, hydraulic and gas dynamic mechanical technology, manufacturing technology, electric control and PLC, MCU principle and interface technology, NC principle and maintenance, mechanical and electrical integration system design, the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology, C language program design, theoretical mechanics, materials mechanics.

8. Program Characteristics

Emphasize the combination of mechanical operation ability and electrical control ability, focusing on mechanical and electrical control and numerical control maintenance. Taking all ability required by CNC as the main line, extrudes the central position of mechanical and electrical control, training technical engineers and vocational teachers with design, programming, with strong operation of CNC machine tools, debugging, repair, maintenance and other practical skills.

9. Similar Programs

Mechanical design manufacturing and automation, mechanical engineering and automation, automation, mechanical design and manufacture, material forming and control engineering, materials physics, chemical manufacturing, industrial design, process equipment and control engineering, vehicle engineering, agricultural mechanization engineering, electrical engineering and automation, automobile service engineering, agricultural machinery and equipment, advanced equipment manufacturing technology, PLC electrical engineering.

10. Research Direction

1) Micro electro mechanical system (MEMS)

2) Sensing and measurement and control technology

3) Digital processing technology

11. Related Tests

Mechanical and electrical engineers are engineering and technical personnel involving in the mechanical and electrical professional applied scientific research, design, product development, production process, new technology, new technology promotion and application, the management of production technology, equipment management and installation maintenance, product quality assurance supervision and certification, standardization and information technology.

Electrical and mechanical engineer professional qualification is divided into three levels: assistant mechanical and electrical engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, senior mechanical and electrical engineer.

12. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in all kinds of mechanical design and manufacturing enterprises, electronics and electrical appliances enterprises and other production departments, companies, research and teaching departments for mechanical and electrical products design, manufacture, management, education, development, sales and technical services.

Machinery and electronics engineers can be engaged in machinery and equipment manufacturing, electronic engineering and electronic industry and other important areas, serving for the enterprises that need to use automotive and aerospace manufacturing technology, automation technology, robot technology, micro and precision instrument technology, printing and media technology, audio video technology, medical technology. Mechanical electronics are widely used in such as induction machines, automatic machine tool equipment, medical micro devices and the transmission mechanism of modern cars.


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