Engineering Degree Program in China - City Underground Space Engineering

1. Introduction

City Underground Space Engineering mainly trains senior technical personnel who have a solid mathematical and mechanical foundation for natural science and humanities and social science, master basic skills and knowledge of investigation and planning of underground engineering, engineering materials, structural analysis and design, mechanics and mechanical engineering, electrical technology, engineering survey, construction organization and the preliminary estimate, project management,etc., have the ability to engage in planning, design, research, development, utilization, construction and management of urban underground space engineering, and have the strong ability of computer application.

2. Knowledge and Ability:

1). Students should have a solid foundation of natural science and humanities and social sciences, such as mathematics, mechanics, etc.;

2). Students should master the basic skills and knowledge of survey, planning, engineering materials, structural analysis and design of urban underground engineering;

3). Students can be engaged in the planning, design, research, development and utilization, construction and management of urban underground space engineering;

4). Students should have strong ability of computer application;

5). Students should know about the advanced technology of urban underground space engineering;

6). Students should have the ability to search and collect information.

3. Main Courses

Theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, elastic mechanics, fluid mechanics, rock mechanics, soil mechanics and foundation engineering, concrete structure, steel structure, engineering drafting, building materials, engineering geology, engineering survey, housing architecture, construction organization and budget, wind and air conditioning, basic economics, finite element method, underground planning and urban design, development and utilization urban underground space, underground engineering structure, reliability of underground structure, subway and light rail, tunnel, underground pipe network, project management, etc.

4. Practical Teaching

Mechanics experiment, soil mechanics experiments, rock mechanics experiment, underground concrete structure curriculum design, curriculum design of underground structures, cognition practice and production practice, computer application and practice, graduation practice and graduation design.

5. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in technical or managerial work such as design, research, construction, education, management, investment, development of urban underground railway, underground tunnel and pipeline, foundation engineering, underground commercial and industrial space, underground storage, etc.

6. Similar Majors

Civil Engineering, road, bridge and river crossing engineering, urban planning, architectural environment and equipment engineering, light rail engineering, subway engineering. 


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