Engineering Degree Program in China - Marine Engineering

1. Introduction

Marine Engineering program trains engineers to manage all the mechanical and electrical equipment and power plant of the ship.

2. Training Requirement

Students should have the knowledge of mechanical principle and turbine system, can be engaged in turbine control and repair and ship monitoring in marine transport enterprises and institutions, or mechanical and electrical equipment management of modern ship in international shipping enterprises, and meet the requirement of "STCW78/95 Convention".

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). Students should master the basic knowledge of marine power plant, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical and electrical integration, etc.; 

2). Students should master basic technology of turbine condition detection, Maintenance and repair of turbine system; 

3). Students should have initial capacity of ship power plant maneuvering, ship repairing and monitoring;

4). Students should be familiar with convention laws and regulations about ship transportation safety; 

5). Students should know about the development of maritime transportation; 

6). Students should master the method of document retrieval and information inquiry, with basic ability of doing scientific research and practical work. 

4. Main Subjects

Ship and marine engineering, electrical engineering, control science and engineering.

5. Experiment

Electrical and electronic experiment, cognitive experiment of marine auxiliary machinery, disassembly and assembly experiment of marine auxiliary machinery,  disassembly and assembly experiment of marine diesel engine, turbine simulator experiment, electric drag experiment, etc.

6. Main Courses

Engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, mechanical design, metal materials, circuit and electronic technology, marine engineering, turbine operation, foundations of automation technology.

7. Practice Teaching

Mechanical process practice, electrical technology practice, ship cognition practice.

8. Similar Majors

Ship and marine engineering, power machinery and engineering

9. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in turbine control and repair, ship repair and manufacture monitoring in marine transport enterprises and institutions.



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