Chemical Engineering and Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Chemical Engineering and Technology mainly studies the common law in the process of chemical industry production and studies how to using chemical methods to change composition or properties of material to produce chemical products. Chemical engineering and technology program trains engineering and technical personnel with knowledge of chemical engineering and technology who can engage in the work of engineering design, technology development, production technology management and scientific research in the departments of chemical industry, oil refining, metallurgy, energy, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and military.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of chemical engineering and technology; receive basic training of chemistry and chemical experiment skills, engineering practice, computer application, scientific research and method of engineering design basic training, with basic capability for simulation, optimization, innovation and transformation of production process of existing enterprise and with basic ability of design of new process and researching new products.

3. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Master basic theory and knowledge of chemical engineering, chemical technology, and applied chemistry;

(2) Master chemical equipment technology, equipment design method and method of simulation and optimization in chemical process;

(3) With ability to carry out research, development and design of new products, new processes, new technologies, and new equipment;

(4) Understand theoretical frontier of chemical engineering, and understand development trends of new technology and new equipment;

(5) Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of production, design, research and development in chemical engineering and environmental protection;

(6) Master basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain ability for scientific research and practical work.

4. Main Courses

Physical chemistry, principles of chemical engineering, chemical thermodynamics, chemical reaction engineering, chemical separation engineering, chemical transfer process,  chemical systems engineering, principle of catalysis, chemical technology, chemical engineering design, environmental engineering, coal chemical engineering technology , comprehensive utilization of natural gas, gas transmission and distribution, coking technology, chemical production technology, carbon chemistry, chemical technology and economy, chemical safety engineering, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, electrical engineering, mechanical drawing, CAD, computer, computer language (C language), engineering mechanics, mechanical engineering, management science, advanced mathematics, linear algebra, mathematical statistics and introduction

5. Practical Teaching

Chemistry and chemical engineering experiment, cognition practice, production practice, metalworking, computer application and practice, curriculum design, graduation design (paper), the general arrangements for 40 weeks.

6. Program Experiment

Experiment of organic chemistry, experiment of inorganic chemistry, experiment of physical chemistry, experiment of analytical chemistry, experiment of chemical engineering principle, program experiment

7. Similar Programs

Pharmaceutical engineering (mainly chemical pharmaceutical), biological engineering

8. Employment Prospects

Graduates can go into institutes, colleges and universities for researching and teaching work related to chemical engineering and technology; can go into scientific research units, enterprises and companies related to chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, vehicle chemical industry, construction machinery, pharmaceutical, food and paint coating engaged in work of development, design, production technology and science and technology of applied researching and fine chemical products; can engage in sale and management work in related chemical enterprises.


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