Gemmology and Materials Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Gemmology and Materials Technology program trains senior technical personnel who can use modern scientific knowledge, theory and skill of modern gemology and advanced scientific and technological means to be engaged in gem and jade identification and business management, jewelry design and processing and management of jewelry, with pioneering and innovative spirit and practical ability.

2. Training Requirements

The students of this specialty systematically master the basic theory and basic knowledge of gem discipline, master the necessary basic skills, methods and related knowledge of gemology, jewelry technology, have the basic ability of independent access to knowledge and putting forward the question, problem analysis and problem solving, have the preliminary ability of being engaged in the identification of gems and gemology scientific research, jewelry design and processing, making and management of jewelry.

3. Main Subjects

Gemmology, art design, material science

4. Main Courses

Geology basis, crystallography and mineralogy, crystal optics, gemology, fine art basics, art design principle, precious instrument and identification of gems, jewelry design and effect diagram, jewelry making process, gem cutting grinding technology

5. Teaching Practice

Computer curriculum design, jewelry business practice, jewelry design course, production practice, graduation design

6. Employment Prospects

1) Various levels of quality inspection stations

2) Pawn shop

3) Jewelry company


2024 Admission is opening !

Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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