Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering is based on the basic theory of earth science, taking water resources as the main research object, systematically studying the professional knowledge and skills of the distribution, formation, evolution of water resources, with both the basic knowledge of groundwater science, rock and soil engineering and environmental engineering and its application in water information acquisition and processing, water resources planning and development, evaluation and management, water conservancy engineering survey, design, construction, groundwater environment and geological environment monitoring, evaluation and management.

The program is characterized with the water resources assessment, development and utilization, protection and management of water resources, water resources problems control.

2. Training Objectives

Hydrology and water resources engineering program trains senior engineering and technical personnel with solid knowledge of natural science, good knowledge of the humanities, strong application ability in computer, management and professional basic knowledge of hydrological resources and water environmental, can be engaged in the water conservancy, energy, transportation, urban construction, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection departments engaged in hydrology, water resources and environmental protection, exploration, design and planning, prediction forecast, management, technical and economic analysis and teaching and research on the basic theory.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of hydrology, water resources and environment information acquisition and processing, flood and drought disaster prediction and prevention, water resources planning, water environmental protection, water conservancy project planning and design, water conservancy project operation and management, water management, receive basic training in engineering drawing, operation, experiment, testing, etc., with the ability of using the program to analyze and solve practical problems, conduct scientific research, organization and management.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory, basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, hydraulics, meteorology and climatology and natural geography and other aspects;

2) Master the design method of hydrologic forecast scheme, hydrologic analysis and calculation, hydrological information collection and treatment, water resources assessment, planning and management, and water environment monitoring and forecasting;

3) With the ability to engage in engineering planning, survey, design and management;

4) understand the hydrology, water resources and water environment development;

5) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work.

5. Main Subjects

Civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental science and technology

6. Main Courses

Natural geography, human geography, meteorology and climatology, hydraulics, river dynamics, hydraulic engineering, hydrology principle, statistical hydrology, water resources, groundwater hydrology, environmental chemistry, water law, hydrological analysis and water conservancy calculation, hydrological forecasting, hydrological and water resources planning and evaluation, water pollution and water quality analysis, etc.

7. Practical Teaching

Engineering drawing, curriculum experiment, curriculum practice (measurement, hydrological knowledge, hydrological information collection, water conservancy project, weather and weather), curriculum design, graduation design, and the general arrangement is 40 weeks.

8. Program Experiments

Hydraulic experiment, hydrological test experiment, river dynamics experiment, natural geography experiment, meteorological experiment, etc.

9. Similar Programs

Environmental engineering, geo engineering

10. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the field of land resources, water resources, water resources, urban construction, environmental protection, transportation and other departments for scientific research, teaching, management, design and production, engineering and construction companies, joint ventures, education departments, military and others.


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