Network Security and Law Enforcement Program in China

1. Introduction

Network Security and Law Enforcement program is a new type of discipline of public security science and technology including knowledge of engineering (computer science and information technology), law and public security science. This program mainly trains senior engineering and technical personnel with good scientific quality, humanistic quality and basic quality of the police and with solid foundation of knowledge and technology of network security and law enforcement. These personnel can engage in work of law enforcement, teaching and scientific research related to prevention, control and disposal of network crime in department of network protection and law enforcement in public security organization.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theories and knowledge of network security and law enforcement; receive specialized training in field of software development technology, network information technology, technology of computer crime investigation and evidence collection and network monitoring technology; and then have ability of organization and implementation of information network security, monitoring of Internet illegal information and investigation of information network crimes.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master basic knowledge and theories of mathematics, computer science and technology and information security;

2) Be familiar with laws and regulations related to network security and law enforcement;

3) Know theoretical frontier and development trends of network security;

4) Master theory and knowledge of related program.

4. Main Courses

Computer network, operating system, computer crime investigation, monitoring technology of network information, information security structure, identification and analysis technology of electronic evidence, analysis technology of network information, Internet security management

5. Practical Teaching

Curriculum practice, social survey, graduation design

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can work in public security department, procuratorial department and national security department for work of investigation, criminal law enforcement, prevention and control of crime; engage in work of teaching and scientific research of investigation science.



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