Engineering Degree Program in China - Postal Communication

1. Introduction

Postal Communication is one part of modern communication, and transfers information on the base of material object through the transfer of text, pictures, and objects from one place to another, which presents national security infrastructure, personal freedom of communication, and privacy protection. The program trains talents who can grasp the management of postal services and postal organization, and the basic theory and methods of post technical equipment and management, be familiar with postal enterprises management and the basic theory and skills of computer applications, and receive the training of business operations, sorting of postal and others.

2. Knowledge and Ability

(1) Master the regulations and law of postal service;

(2) Master the basic knowledge of the postal accounting and statistical analysis;

(3) Master the basic knowledge of the production process of postal communication and its network structure ;

(4) Understand the requirements and skills of postal letters, parcels, remittance, express mail, remittance and other business ;

(5) Master the basic knowledge of marketing;

(6) With the basic ability of modern postal administration;

(7) With the ability to deal with the domestic postal service and the general international postal service;

(8) With the basic ability to analyze and solve problems of the production and management of postal communication;

3. Main Courses

Fundamentals of management, operations research, postal service and management, postal organization and management, postal technology, equipment and management, international postal communication organization, postal management information system, and postal business training, logistics training, and other practice courses.

4. Employment Prospects

Graduates mainly get engaged in the postal enterprises and logistics enterprises for the production and service, and business and management.

5. Certificate

Professional Qualification Certificate for Logistician, Marketing Qualification Certificate.


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