Engineering Degree Program in China - Sugar Manufacture Engineering

1. Introduction

Sugar Manufacture Engineering discipline is a science and technology that develops from solving production problems in human life necessities, occupying an important position in the light industry technology and engineering and even the whole field of modern science and technology. With the progress of modern science and technology, the subject closely follows the research frontier of the international glycobiology, sugar pharmacology and combines with biological technology, nutrition and modern material science and high technology, has made continuous development.

2. Research Directions

1) Preparation and biological utilization of sugars and their drugs

(1) Carry out the basic theory study on the chemical kinetics of large molecular active polysaccharide and its drug, and to study the chemical structure, physical and chemical properties and pharmacological properties of these sugars;

(2) Study the mechanism of polysaccharide and the mechanism of nutrition and health care in the view of edible polysaccharide and fungi, and to explore the mechanism of the development of microbial polysaccharide and its drug and biochemical products;

(3) By biological engineering method, the natural biological polysaccharide are modified and the polysaccharide of genes involved in the synthesis and integration to small extrachromosomal factor to be amplified, thereby increase the activity of polysaccharide biosynthesis effect, new polysaccharide drug development.

(4) Choose the appropriate biological cultivation process to appropriate natural sugar resources as nutrient medium of the promotion or inhibition of biological cultivation process of the new method and the mechanism and in biological sugar resources use in the process of implementation of modern control technology.

2) New method and new technology of natural sugar separation purification

(1) The extraction of natural macromolecules and the new technology of enzymatic hydrolysis;

(2) A new method for the purification of natural high molecular sugars;

(3) Theoretical and technical research on the biological extraction and purification process of these sugars by applying electric field, magnetic field, sound field and light field and other physical fields to enhance the biological extraction of these sugars

(4) Use chemical and biological methods for the transformation of recombinant and the production of natural does not exist functional oligosaccharides, polysaccharides and its derivatives and other aspects study.

3) Functional carbohydrate materials theory and technology

(1) Research on the synthesis, modification theory and new technology of functional carbohydrate materials, focusing on the development of high efficient application technology of functional foods in biochemistry, medicine and health care. Study on the application of the bio medical side chain containing sugar - containing polymer gel, the application of inositol isomers and derivatives, and the preparation of microcapsule by modified cyclodextrin;

(2) Functionally important carbohydrate material structure and performance theory research, including the structure of supramolecular chemistry, modified cyclodextrin inclusion dynamics and structural balance, (derived) structure of the oligosaccharide analysis, molecular design and biochemical function and enhance the work;

(3) Functional carbohydrate material engineering technology research, especially the research of energy-saving type multiple effect vacuum falling film evaporation concentration device and control, functional oligosaccharides and various functions of the carbohydrate material production of new technologies.


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