Building Materials Engineering Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Building Materials Engineering Technology program cultivates technology application-oriented talents with strong practical application ability based on the knowledge of road and bridge, can understand engineering material test, and understand the need of the first production line of engineering technology.

2. Core Abilities

Graduates should focus on mastering three core skills: computer applications, engineering experiments and testing, highway engineering survey design and construction.

3. Certificates

Level certificates of computer, tester and measureman

4. Main Courses

Computer cultural foundation, engineering mechanics, highway survey and design, road construction materials, subgrade and pavement engineering, tunnel engineering, detection technique of highway geometry alignment, roadbed pavement test technology, bridge engineering test technology, tunnel engineering test technology, traffic engineering test technology

5. Employment Directions

The graduates are mainly engaged in construction and detection companies in the road transportation industry, working as a construction worker, quality inspectors, laboratory worker. After the engineering practice, the graduates can serve as divisional engineering and technical director of construction projects, laboratory, and construction materials supply. In addition, the students can be engaged in the maintenance and management as well as municipal engineering and other construction companies for construction testing, testing and other technical work.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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