Engineering Degree Program in China - Electronic Packaging Technology

1. Introduction

Electronic Packaging Technology is a new program, involved with the design, environment, testing, materials, manufacturing and reliability. Electronic Package is about external shell of integrated circuit built-in chip, which can be placed and fixed and sealed to protect integrated circuit built-in chip and strengthen the ability of adapting to the environment. what’s more, the riveting point of integrated circuit is the connection point, welded to the pin of the package. 

2. Training Objectives

The program cultivates talents with the basic theory and advanced and reasonable knowledge, and with the ability of analysis, expression, and solving engineering problems, who can also learn independently, innovate, practice, and coordinate, in order to adapt to the needs of science and technology, development of industrial technology and people’s living standards.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study basic theory and knowledge of natural science, science and technology and electronic packaging technology and its related areas, to receive the basic training to be modern engineers, with the basic ability to analyze and solve practical problems and to develop software and others.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) With solid foundation and rich knowledge of natural science, humanities, arts and social sciences;

2)With strong computer skills;

3) Master the basic knowledge of electronic packaging technology systematically, package wiring design, the design and analysis of electromagnetic function, design of heat transfer, packaging materials and packaging structure and packaging process, interconnection technology, packaging manufacturing and quality, the theory and knowledge of packaging and engineering, and know the latest development of the program

4)To receive the training of electronic packaging technology, with the strong ability of analyzing and solving problems, and practical skills; be able to carry out the research, design, development and management of the products related to electronic packaging technology; and innovate and have direct access to knowledge

5. Main Courses

Microelectronics manufacturing science and engineering introduction, materials for electronic technology, micro connection technology and principle, electronic package reliability theory and engineering, electronics manufacturing technology, electronic assembly technology, semiconductor technology, advanced substrate technology


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