Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering is combined with architecture energy-saving technology and engineering, intelligent technology of building facilities (part), building environment and equipment engineering.

2. Training Objectives

Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering trains advanced technology talents who work in the field of building environment control, building energy saving and building facilities, with the ability to design, construct, debug, manage building thermal energy supply system, building energy saving and public facilities system such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation, building water supply and drainage, gas supply, etc., and the ability to develop building automation systems. 

3. Training Requirement

Students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of architectural physics environment and building energy efficiency, get basic training of commissioning and operational management of intelligent technology of building facilities.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1. Students should systematically master essential technical knowledge in this field, the basic theoretical knowledge include: fluid mechanics, heat and moisture exchange theory and equipment etc.; 2. Students should systematically master basic theoretical knowledge of construction environment engineering, construction equipment engineering, and understanding the current situation and development trend of this field; 3. Students should have the ability to test, debug and manage the indoor environment and equipment; 4. Students should preliminary master the design method of the indoor environment and equipment system; 5. Students should have a good foundation of natural science and the humanities and social science.

5. Practical Teaching

Practical courses include cognition practice, production practice, experiment of basic courses, curriculum design of specialized courses, graduation design, the general arrangement should be more than 40 weeks.

6. Main Courses

Construction mechanics, engineering thermodynamics, heat transmission science, fluid mechanics, architecture environment science, building environment and energy science, theory and equipment of heat and mass exchange, fluid supply pipework, building environmental measurement, cold and heat sources, HVAC, system automation, gas transmission and distribution, electrical engineering, water supply and drainage of building, architecture electric, energy conservation and renewable energy utilization of building,  organization and management of construction, etc.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in design, manufacturing, construction, installation,  operation, management and system support of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cold and heat sources, purification, gas in departments of architectural design, research, planning and management, engineering construction company, equipment manufacturing enterprises, operating companies and other units.


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