Engineering Degree Program in China - Architecture

1. Introduction

Architecture is a subject mainly about architecture and environment. Normally, it refers to the combination of art and technology related to architectural design and construction. Thus, architecture is involved with both engineering and humanities. 

“How to design buildings” is the topic of architecture. At the same time, learners need to grasp the basic knowledge and technology of architecture. For example, people are asked to design the building from the facade, interior and exterior space according to the requirements of the functions of room, types of buildings, (such as stadiums, cinemas, houses, buildings, etc.), and the technology and materials of building construction, etc. What the students need to learn is from a simple room layout to the design of the several building blocks in the city.

2. Training Objectives

Graduates should master the knowledge and skills of architecture design, urban design, interior design, municipal design, etc., get engaged in the design in the department of design, and the architecture planning and management in the real estate industry.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and knowledge of architectural design, urban planning principles, construction engineering technology, environment and space, painting and art, receive the basic training of architectural design, and possess the ability of project planning, architectural design and construction drawing.

4. Knowledge and Ability

(1). With a solid foundation of natural science and humanities;

(2). Master the basic principles and methods of architectural design, and the ability of  architectural design and to express the design purpose in a variety of ways, and to use computer to deal with text, graphics, data processing 

(3). Understand the development of world architectural history, the relationship between human's physiology, psychology, behavior and architecture environment, basic knowledge of economic, social and cultural customs, laws and regulations related to architecture

(4). Know about the basic knowledge of the relationship between building structure and construction equipment system and construction safety, economy, application and beauty, the principle and method of building structure, the function of common building materials and new materials; With the ability of reasonable selection and comprehensive application, organization and coordination between multiple types of work;

(5). With the ability of project planning, architectural design and construction drawing  and architectural aesthetics

5. Main Courses

Introduction to architecture, architectural art, architectural shadow and perspective, architectural structure, architectural design, architectural drawing and expression, landscape architecture, building materials, computer aided design, architectural physics, public building design principle, the principle of city planning, interior design, construction equipment, computer aided design, construction project management, environmental psychology, ground work, history of architecture, planning and design

6. Research Field

Architectural design: architectural  modeling  design, site design, design  surrounding environment of building and space, building interior space design, construction drawing design

architectural interior design, architectural art, architectural aesthetics, building maintenance, construction technology, new building materials, building energy conservation, sustainable architecture design and research`

7. Practical Teaching

Architectural practice, Building surveying and Mapping Practice, architectural design course, practice teaching, Graduation practice, building materials experiment, soil mechanics test, structure experiment, course design, graduation design, graduation thesis, etc. Teaching time is about 40 weeks.

8. Similar Major

Urban planning, landscape architectural design , interior design , historic building protection engineering, civil engineering, construction environment and equipment engineering , water supply and sewerage work, construction cost; 

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can work in architectural design research institute and architectural design office for the research and design architecture, or they can get engaged in real estate development, teaching in universities, and other work in the department of architectural design, urban planning and design, and consultation.


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