Engineering Degree Program in China - Lighting Source and Illumination

1. Introduction

Lighting Source and Illumination is an interdiscipline which brings light to mankind, plays a special and important role in various fields of the national economy such as industry and trade of agricultural production, scientific research, transportation, national defense, medical and health, business office, entertainment culture and daily life, etc. 

2. Knowledge and Abilities:

(1) Has a good humanities and social science literacy, social responsibility and Engineering professional ethics;

(2) Has the knowledge of Mathematics, natural science, economics and management for the profession of light source and lighting;

(3) Grasp the basic theory and professional knowledge of the light source and lighting, have a more systematic engineering practice learning experience; understand the current status and trend of the development of the electrical and Electronic Science and technology;

(4) Has the ability to design and implement engineering experiment, and be able to analyze and deal with the experimental results;

(5) Has the attitude of pursuing innovation and the consciousness of innovation; has the ability to design the system and process with comprehensive utilization of theory and technology, and can comprehensively consider the economic, environmental, legal, safety, health, ethics and other constraints in the process of design;

(6) Master the literature search data query method and the use of modern information technology to obtain information;

(7) Understand the guidelines, policies and law, regulations of production, design, research and development, environmental protection and sustainable development in the field of Lighting Source and Illumination, and can correctly understand the impact of the project on the objective world and society;

(8) Has the certain organization management ability, the expression ability and interpersonal communication ability and the ability to play the role in the team;

(9) Has a correct understanding of lifelong learning, and has ability to learn and adapt to the development.

3. Primary Coverage

The study and research direction of Lighting Source and Illumination are mainly three parts:

(1) Semiconductor optoelectronics, LED chip manufacturing and packaging, integrated circuit design and manufacturing

(2) Driving circuit, power supply, intelligent control (SCM, DSP, ARM, PLC, bus control), electrical engineering, automatic control

(3) The traditional light source, LED light source design and manufacturing, environmental lighting, indoor lighting, first light distribution, second light distribution.

4. Training Objectives

The program aims to train "composite" senior engineering and technical personnel with good light source and lighting professional knowledge and innovation ability, master lighting light source especially semiconductor lighting materials, equipment, technology and lighting control engineering related theoretical knowledge and technology, with the actual working capacity of the field of semiconductor lighting products design, development, manufacturing, intelligent control, engineering design and construction, product testing, technology management, etc., is qualified for micro electronic products research and development, design, manufacturing, engineering application and performance test in the semiconductor lighting industry and related integrated circuit design and manufacturing company, photoelectron machine enterprises and other units.

5. Employment Direction

According to the characteristics of the new discipline, mainly including the following directions:

(1) LED and semiconductor lighting source, traditional lighting. Graduates can be engaged in production, design, development, management, sales in semiconductor lighting and traditional lighting industry;

(2) Electrical industry. Graduates can be engaged in civil and industrial low-voltage electrical work, including engineering and product production, and the design and production of switching power;

(3) Semiconductor and integrated circuit. Graduates can be engaged in the product design and development, manufacturing, sales and after sales and other related work in industries of semiconductor chips, photovoltaic solar energy class and integrated circuit;

(4) Intelligent control. Intelligent control in Lighting and other sectors including intelligent lighting in MCU, arm, PLC and C-Bus etc. and other related electronic and electrical control work; at present, the cultivation has been extended to smart home and application of Internet, intelligent building and smart city;

(5) Lighting environment. Including indoor lighting, residential lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting and other environmental lighting design.

6. Major Courses

Basic courses: mainly including the basic knowledge of advanced mathematics, linear algebra, complex variable function, integral transformation, probability theory and mathematical statistics, engineering drawing, University Physics, etc.

Major courses:

Light source and lighting professional introduction, circuit theory, simulation electronic technology, digital electronic technology, signal and system, advanced language program design, principle and application of single chip microcomputer, introduction to semiconductor lighting, semiconductor physics, semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor technology and Xinguang source technology, electrical lighting technology, non principle and design of the imaging optical system design, the cooling of electronic equipment design and analysis, environmental lighting design, switching power supply, automatic control theory, power electronics technology.

7. Major Practice Teaching Courses:

The electrician practice, electronic curriculum design, programming practice, semiconductor device packages practice, electrical lighting comprehensive practice, semiconductor devices and integrated circuits experiment, semiconductor lighting source, the optical design practice, intelligent lighting design practice, modern electrical EDA Technology in comprehensive practice, metalworking practice, semiconductor lighting heat and ambient lighting practice and graduation practice / practice and graduation design (Thesis), and the academic extracurricular activities, scientific and technological innovation activities, social practice, and so on.

8. Major Professional Experiment:

Experiment in circuit theory, analog electronic technology experiment, digital electronic technology experiment, SCM principles and experimental application, environmental lighting design experiment, heat dissipation of electronic equipment design and analysis of experiments, experiment of automatic control theory, etc..

Elective course:

Fundamentals of semiconductor devices, optoelectronics, electronics and LED packaging, electrical supervision, Verilog HDL, factory electrical and PLC control, etc. Those courses aims to train students to have a strong ability to analyze problems and solve problems, as well as the ability to adapt to the needs of the community.


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