Renewable Resource Science and Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Renewable Resource Science and Technology studies the resource recycling of the waste from the point of the resources, focusing on that only the material, waste to become a kind of resource after processing, achieves the goal, to emphasize its turning waste into wealth, treat the solid waste as a resource treasure house.

2. Categories

Scrap iron and steel, nonferrous metals, waste glass, waste paper, waste plastics, waste rubber, industrial and agricultural waste, etc.

3. Training Objectives

Renewable resource science and technology program cultivates high-level engineering talents engaged in production and management in the field of renewable resource science and technology and high-level talents engaged in the production and management of solid waste resources development, research and design.

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the theory and basic knowledge of four kinds of materials, such as iron and steel, nonferrous metal materials, organic polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials.

2) Master the basic theory and knowledge of the composite materials developed on the basis of the four traditional materials.

3) Master the basic concepts, basic principles, basic methods and equipment of solid waste resource utilization.

4) With the design and equipment selection ability of four kinds of traditional materials and equipment selection process: identification, recycling, management, primary processing, and deep processing and the organization of production and control of quality management.

5) With the preliminary ability of comprehensive utilization of four major renewable resources, development and research of new solid waste materials and products.

5. Courses

1) Major basic disciplines

Materials science and engineering, materials physics, cross with environmental engineering and mineral processing and smelting and other disciplines.

2) Main courses

Physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, introduction to materials science, materials preparation science, environmental materials, introduction to environmental engineering, regeneration resources technology and equipment, waste resources engineering principle, mold design, composite materials science, enterprise management.

3) Elective courses

Materials processing technology, polymer materials, inorganic non metal materials, metal, selected metallurgical engineering introduction, modern instrumental analysis, mechanical properties testing, structure and properties of materials, renewable resource marketing etc.

6. Program Directions

1) The technology and principle of waste separation and pretreatment;

2) The processing and utilization of scrap iron and steel and the recycling and utilization of non-ferrous metals;

3) Recycling technologies and principles of waste plastics and rubber;

4) The comprehensive utilization technology and principle of waste glass, waste paper, waste fiber and so on;

5) Treatment and utilization technology and principle of industrial waste residue and tailings.

7. Related Programs

Inorganic non-metallic materials, iron and steel metallurgy, nonferrous metals metallurgy, metal materials, organic polymer materials, mineral processing engineering


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