Engineering Degree Program in China - Automation Control Technology

1. Introduction

Automatic control technology is one of the fastest and most influential technologies in twentieth Century, and it is also one of the most important high technology in twenty-first Century. Today, technology, production, military, management, life and other fields, cannot be separated from the automatic control technology. Automatic control technology is the application of control theory in technology; through the automatic control system with a certain control function, automatic control technology can complete a control task, ensure that a process is carried out in accordance with the expected, or achieve a predetermined goal.

2. Main Content

Basic concept, principle, composition and classification of automatic control technology; application example analysis in automatic control system of constant value, dynamic and program control type; principle of DC speed control system, the system characteristics and system analysis; the principle of DC reversible speed control system and its system analysis; method of asynchronous motor speed control system and servo system and frequency speed regulation.

Manual control and automatic control; opened-loop control; closed-loop control; composition of automatic control system; classification of automatic control system; application example of constant value system; application example of servo system; application example of program control system; speed regulation principle of DC motor; controllable DC power supply of DC speed regulating system; thyristor DC motor speed control system; steady state analysis of closed loop speed control system with feedback control; analysis of speed regulating system with voltage feedback and current compensation control; reversible circuit in armature reverse connection; reversible circuit in excitation reverse connection; analysis of armature reversible logic non-loop current control system; basic knowledge of variable frequency speed regulation; classification and working principle of frequency converter; speed open-loop frequency control system; asynchronous motor slip frequency control system; induction motor vector control variable frequency speed regulation system

3. Principle Analysis

1) Closed-loop control: Closed-loop control is (negative) feedback control, and the principle is similar to objective behavior of human and animal. The system consists of a sensor (equivalent to the senses), a control device (equivalent to the brain and nerves), an actuator (equivalent to a hand, leg and muscle). The sensor detects the state information (output) of the controlled object, and transforms it into a physical (Electrical) signal then transforms it into control device. Control device compares current state of the object (output) with the state (Quantitative) for the hope to produce a control signal. And then actuator drive controlled object motion, and the motion state closer to the state that hoped. 

2) Open loop control: Open loop control is also called program control, which sends signals to control the object in accordance with the procedures identified in advance. According to the conditions of the signal, the open loop control has time limit control, sequence control, and condition control.


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