Engineering Degree Program in China - Safety Engineering

1. Introduction

Safety Engineering program mainly trains advanced engineering and technical personnel who can be engaged in work in fields of safety technology and engineering, safety science and research, safety supervision and management, detection and monitoring of safety and healthy environment, safety design and production, and safety education and training.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study professional knowledge of disaster prevention and control technology and engineering of mining and underground construction, transportation, aerospace, factories, commercial property and building; study knowledge of ventilation, purification and air conditioning, safety monitoring, safety principle, safety system engineering and safety supervision and management.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master knowledge and theory of fluid mechanics ,fluid machinery , engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer, engineering mechanics, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, combustion and explosion;

2) Master knowledge of safety principles, safety ergonomics and safety systems engineering;

3) Master knowledge of electronics, electrical engineering, safety testing and monitoring instruments and technology;

4) Master knowledge and ability of design, construction, supervision and management of safety engineering, ventilation and air conditioning engineering;

5) Master ability of computer application for design, simulation, and computer management of safety engineering and ventilation engineering;

6) Master methods of safety evaluation; have ability to determine risk control points and control levels and participate in risk field by using system analysis method, event tree analysis and ABC qualitative method.

4. Main Subjects

Mining engineering, mechanics, system science

5. Main Courses

Combustion and explosion, safety engineering, ventilation, air conditioning and purification, safety monitoring and supervision, occupation hygiene, fluid mechanics and fluid machinery, engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry, electrical and electronic technology, theory and method of safety evaluation, safety law, safety psychology, safety management, safety system engineering and analysis technology

6. Practical Teaching

Cognition practice, production practice, computer application and practice, curriculum design, graduation practice and design, the general arrangements is 40 weeks.

7.Relevant certificates

Certified safety engineer, certified safety evaluation engineer, certified risk assessment engineer

8. Similar Programs

Environmental engineering, disaster prevention and control engineering, water quality science and technology, water supply and drainage engineering, groundwater science and engineering, wind energy and power engineering, environmental science and engineering, urban planning, radiation protection and environmental engineering

9. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in work of safety management, safety education, safety assessment and risk assessment in large-scale construction enterprises, large factories, production enterprises, safety evaluation institutions and government.


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