Engineering degree Program in China - Hydraulics and River Dynamics

1. Introduction

Hydraulics and River Dynamics is the engineering discipline that studies the necessary knowledge system of mechanics of the motion law of water flow in the natural and river development and utilization, belonging to the water conservancy project, involving the basic mechanical principle and special technology about water of various kinds of water conservancy engineering planning, design, construction and management, which is built and gradually develops on the development of the basic disciplines and water conservancy practice. With the development of computer and modern science and technology, it has developed into a modern research subject with application basics that comprehensively applies various scientific and technological theories, widely develops all kinds of mathematical models, using a large number of modern techniques. It combines with the basic theoretical disciplines such as mathematics, mechanics, and water conservancy and hydropower, harbor shipping and other engineering disciplines, and has a wide application in economic construction.

2. Research Directions

1) Environmental hydraulics

2) Sediment movement and river bed evolution

3) Water environment control and management

4) Hydraulic engineering and hydraulics

5) Aerated flow and multiphase flow

6) Computational Hydraulics

7) Hydraulic machinery flow theory

8) The theory and technology of water saving irrigation

9) Coastal wave motion and coastal port environment

3. Training Objectives

The program trains high-level personnel of the water conservancy project, capable of being qualified for higher education, scientific research and large engineering and technology research and development and management, requires the students to have solid basic theory knowledge of mathematics, mechanics, computer application; to understand the research frontier dynamics of hydraulics and river dynamics theory and technique; can skillfully apply modern basic theory and advanced computational and experimental techniques of relative theory to conduct effective research work, with the ability of solving large engineering and technology problems in the field of water conservancy project.

4. Branch Disciplines

Hydrology and water resources, port, coastal and offshore engineering, hydraulic structure engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, etc

5. Main Courses

Fluid mechanics, engineering hydrodynamics, river sediment and engineering, special topics on hydraulics and river dynamics, etc

6. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the management, design at water conservancy, hydroelectric power, the power industry, or engaged in scientific research institutes, engineering institutes and colleges and universities for the design, construction, management and teaching work, or engaged in the related work in the civil construction and other industries.


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