Ship Electronic and Electrical Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Ship Electronic and Electrical Engineering trains senior technical personnel who have advanced knowledge of electrical technology, electronic technology (including power electronics, communications electronics), control technology, computer control and network technology, meet the requirement in the STCW international convention, international maritime organization for senior seamen, and can be competent for the maintenance and repair of modern ships. 

2. Main Courses

principle of circuit, analog electronics, digital electronics, power electronics, communication electronic circuit, automatic control principle, the application of network, principle and application of microcomputer, PLC programming and engineering application, principle and application of sensor, motor, AC speed control, ship power station, ship electric drag system, ship electrical equipment and system,  automatic control system of ship cabin, Integrated ship steering system, ship electronic and electric technology.

3. Similar Majors

Rescue and salvage engineering, transportation equipment and control engineering, marine engineering, navigation technology and traffic engineering

4. Practical Teaching

Curriculum practice, graduation practice, etc.

5. Training Requirement

Students mainly study the basic knowledge theory and practical techniques and methods of ship electronic and electrical engineering, with a strong ability to analyze and solve problems.

6. Knowledge And Ability

1). Students have a solid theoretical knowledge;

2). Students master the technical theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of ship electronic and electrical engineering;

3). Students master method of analyzing and solving problems in the electronic and electrical engineering;

4). Students master the basic knowledge and skills of electrical, electronic and information disciplines necessary for ship electronic and electrical engineering;

5). Students have necessary kills of document retrieval, and know about the development trends of traffic equipment and control engineering;

6). Students have basic technology of ship electronic and electrical engineering;

7). Students have a strong sense of innovation and have the ability to obtain new knowledge.

7. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in maintenance, production and design of ship electrical and electronic equipment, electrical and mechanical management of shipping enterprises, ship electrical and electronic inspection, maritime management, management and maintenance of port electrical equipment, teaching and research of ship electronic and electrical engineering in shipping industry, ship building and ship repair industry, classification society, maritime management institutions, port electric enterprises, colleges and universities and research institutes, etc.


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