Engineering Degree Program in China - Mobile Communication Technology

1. Introduction

Mobile Communication Technology is a program of cultivating advanced technical and management personnel, who possess the ability of the installation, debugging, and maintenance of the mobile communication equipment, as well as the engineering planning and maintenance of public mobile communication network, private mobile communication system, and radio paging system.

2. Training Requirements

Graduates can master the basic theory and skills of mobile communication technology, and can be engaged in the installation, debugging, equipment management and maintenance of communication engineering, as well as the maintenance, testing, marketing of mobile communications products.

3. Knowledge and Ability

With the ability of installation, debugging, maintenance of mobile communication equipment, and the construction and maintenance of mobile communication system;

4. Practical Teaching

Electronic technology, computer network infrastructure, digital communication principle, radio communication foundation, high frequency electronic circuit, mobile switching and signaling, CDMA and personal communication, mobile communication equipment, wireless local area network (LAN), digital mobile communication principles and equipment, mobile exchange and signaling training, mobile communication equipment training, wireless local area network training and so on.

5. Main Courses

Circuit theory, analog electronic circuits, digital circuits, data communication, mobile communication technology, communication network, program-controlled exchange technology, CDMA mobile communication principle, GSM transplanter principle and maintenance, telephone, principle and maintenance of fax machine, optical fiber communication principle and equipment, base station equipment (antenna), mobile intelligent network principle, mobile communication terminal

6. Employment Prospects

(1) The research and development, and debugging of mobile communication terminal equipment;

(2) The research and development, and maintenance of mobile base station equipment;

(3) The installation, debugging and maintenance of mobile communication;

(4) The operation of the mobile communication industry;

(6) The production, maintenance, testing and marketing of mobile communication products;


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