Engineering Degree Program in China - Agricultural Water Conservancy Project

1. Introduction

Agricultural Water Conservancy Project develops senior engineering and technical personnel with the basic theory and basic knowledge of the discipline of agricultural engineering, can be occupied at water conservancy and hydroelectric power, water conservation, design institutes and other departments engaged in the work of the hydraulic engineering survey, planning, design, construction, management and test research and teaching, scientific research, etc.

2. Opening Reasons

1) The distribution of water resources is not balanced

2) The system of irrigation and water conservancy

3) Agricultural water conservancy quasi public goods

4) Non equilibrium of rural development

5) Social stability and food security

3. Program Development

1) Modern biological and agronomic techniques

2) Water monitoring and precision irrigation

3) Spray irrigation

4) Surface irrigation feedback control technology

5) High efficiency water distribution technology

6) Effect of sewage irrigation on agricultural products

7) Rainwater collection utilization

4. Program Prospects

The discipline of agricultural water conservancy project is a comprehensive discipline based on irrigation and drainage engineering, hydrology and hydraulics and engineering mechanics, studying the irrigation and drainage engineering measures adjust the distribution of farmland water status and changes of regional hydrology, eliminate the flood and drought disasters and scientific utilization of water resources, serving for the development of agricultural production and the improvement of the ecological environment.

5. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic knowledge of water conservancy and civil engineering disciplines, basic theory, water conservancy engineering design method, scientific research methods and construction and management of basic training, with the basic ability of water conservancy engineering investigation, planning, design, construction, and management.

6. Main Subjects

Mechanics, water conservancy project, agricultural resource utilization

7. Main Courses

Engineering hydrology, engineering mechanics, hydraulics, soil mechanics, structural mechanics, reinforced concrete structure, soil tillage, use of water conservancy project construction, irrigation and drainage engineering, water resources planning and management, water industry and trade buildings, water pump and pumping station (or hydropower station)

8. Practical Teaching

Measurement, geological practice, understanding practice, graduation practice, graduation design and the general arrangement is 30-35 weeks.

9. Program Experiments

Building materials experiment, irrigation technology, hydraulic test, pump performance test, hydraulic model test demonstration

10. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory of water conservancy and civil engineering and related knowledge of agricultural water and soil engineering;

2) Master the basic skills in the investigation, planning, design, construction, management and experimental study of agricultural water conservancy, hydropower, and water conservation projects;

3) With the planning and design capacity of the development and utilization of agricultural water and soil resources, and the planning and design of the township water supply project;

4) Understand the frontier and developing trend of water conservancy project, agricultural engineering discipline and related disciplines;

5) Familiar with the construction of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, water resources development and protection, soil and water conservation aspects of the relevant principles, policies and regulations;

6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have the ability of preliminary scientific research and practical work;

7) There is strong ability of research and decision-making, organization and management, oral and written expression ability, with the independent access to knowledge, information processing and innovation.

11. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in engineering survey, planning, design, construction, management and testing research, teaching, scientific research at water conservancy, architecture, construction, water conservation departments.


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