Urban Rail Transit Vehicle Program in China

1. Introduction

Urban Rail Transit Vehicle program trains senior application-oriented technical talents with the basic knowledge of rail transit vehicle. The graduates have solid knowledge of basic theories, strong ability of practical work, can work in the urban rail transit enterprises engaged in vehicle manufacturing, quality inspection, various testing, maintenance, vehicle use and management.

2. Training Requirements

The students master the professional skills of being engaged in city rail transit vehicle manufacturing, overhaul and use, mainly study the basic knowledge of mechanical engineering and professional knowledge of city rail vehicles, receive the training in the basic skills of computer office and graphics, electrical and electronic technology and metalworking and training in the professional skills of vehicle inspection and maintenance, application; vocational qualification certificate can be obtained after  passing the identification of vocational skills.

3. Main Courses

Urban rail transit vehicles, the principle and maintenance of vehicle braking system, traction transmission technology of urban rail vehicle, vehicle electric appliance and overhaul, vehicle air conditioning principle and overhaul, vehicle manufacturing and maintenance process, vehicle fault diagnosis, etc.


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Anhui Medical University

Wenzhou Medical University

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