Engineering Degree Program in China - Wood Science and Engineering

1. Introduction

Wood Science and Engineering trains advanced engineering and technical personnel with the basic theory and basic knowledge of wood physical and chemical, electrical and electronic technology, machinery foundation and wood science and processing technology, plastic arts and design arts, fundamentals of materials science, international timber trade, can be engaged in timber processing and furniture design and manufacture and interior decoration engineering, engineering design, process flow and equipment management, new product development, business management, wood trade.

Wood science and engineering includes two parts: wood science and wood engineering. Wood science refers to the understanding of wood raw materials, including the microstructure of wood, the identification of wood species, and the basic properties of wood. Wood engineering is through the processing of wood, wood products and can be used by people. Wood science and engineering is the use of mechanical or physical and chemical methods, processing and treatment of wood, and enhance the wood added value, made to maintain the basic feature of the wood products processing industry, including lumber, wood drying, wood preservative, wood modification, wood processing and furniture manufacturing, artificial board manufacturing, artificial plate surface decoration, artificial board functional processing, interior decoration, placed under house arrest manufacturing, bamboo and rattan processing etc., which can be divided into five directions: wood drying, wood adhesives and coatings, woodworking machinery and furniture design.

2. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of wood physical and chemical, electrical and electronic technology, mechanical foundation, the plastic arts and design arts and wood science and processing technology, receive basic training in drawing, wood and product performance test, dry wood, lumber, man-made board, wood products and furniture design and manufacture of, with the basic ability of wood processing and interior decoration engineering of production technologies, processes and equipment selection and management.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have solid theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry and so on;

2) Master the basic theories and knowledge of wood science and engineering, design and art;

3) Master the physical properties of wood, chemical properties analysis methods and application technology, master furniture design, plastic art design, interior design method;

4) With basic ability of wood drying, wood products, wood products and furniture production, production of wood based panels, wood and its products performance testing, interior design;

5) Familiar with the forestry, wood processing industry, environmental protection policies, policies and regulations;

6) Know wood science and processing technology of the front, application prospects and development trends.

4. Main Subjects

Forestry engineering

5. Main Courses

Engineering drawing, engineering mechanics, mechanical design and manufacturing base, electrical and electronic technology, wood, adhesives and coatings, thermal engineering, wood drying, wood cutting principle and tool, wood-based panel process, furniture design and manufacturing, the introduction of material science and aesthetic foundation, building foundation design, modeling principle, wood products production process, artificial plate surface decoration technology, computer aided design, etc.

6. Practical Teaching

Experiment, teaching practice, production practice, curriculum design, graduation thesis (design), the general arrangement is 30-35 weeks.

7. Similar Programs

Forest engineering, chemical industry of forestry products, agricultural engineering, landscape architecture, landscape science

8. Employment Prospects

The graduates can go to the wood industry (including man-made board, biomass composite materials, furniture, indoor decoration engineering, the field of economic and trade enterprises, design institute, research institutes engaged in wood processing, furniture design and manufacture, engineering design, process flow and equipment management, new product development, business management, wood trade. Or in materials, light industry, construction, real estate development, customs inspection and colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, design units to undertake engineering technology, product development and production, scientific research, teaching, management and management work.

9. Development Directions

1) Biomass materials engineering direction

2) Wood products engineering direction

3) Wood structure building direction

4) Packaging engineering and application direction


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