Engineering Degree Program in China - Navigation Engineering

1. Introduction

Navigation Engineering mainly studies navigation system and integrated navigation technology, and it contains professional knowledge such as performance, structure, work principle and repairing technology of navigation and communication equipment, professional skills like testing, commissioning, maintenance and maintenance, fault diagnosis of navigation and communication equipment.

2. Training Objectives

Navigation Engineering trains high-level compound talents who should master the theory, technology and method of modern navigation engineering, with the professional knowledge and skills to solve practical problems, and can be engaged in research, development and application of navigation and positioning technology.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1). Students will master basic theory and basic knowledge in mathematics and physics;

2). Students will master the methods and techniques for the application and development of signal and system, information processing, etc.;

3). Students will have the basic ability to engage in the use, maintenance, supervision, and management of navigation equipment and communication equipment;

4). Students will know about the relevant laws and regulations of the discipline;

5). Students will know about the theoretical frontier, application prospect and the latest domestic and foreign development trends of navigation engineering;

6). Students will master the basic methods of literature retrieval, data query and the use of modern information technology to obtain relevant information, with the ability to engage in scientific research independently.

4. Main Courses

Main courses include: navigation, optimal estimation, microcomputer principle and interface technology, satellite navigation principle, signal and system, analog and digital circuits, satellite navigation data processing method, integrated navigation, inertial navigation principle, embedded system and program design, principle of the GNSS receiver, digital signal processing, electronic map for navigation, celestial navigation, indoor positioning technology, lbs technology and its application.

5. Practical Teaching

Cognition practice, production practice, graduation practice and graduation design, etc.

6. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in the use, maintenance, supervision, management of navigation equipment and communication equipment in industries like aviation, aerospace, transportation, military, electronics, information and communication, etc., they can also be engaged in research and development, management, teaching and application in government departments, teaching and research units.


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