Agricultural Water Conservancy Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Agricultural Water Conservancy Technology program pays attention to the cultivation of agricultural water conservancy technology application and promotion personnel.

2. Main Courses

Water conservancy engineering drawing, hydraulic engineering surveying, hydraulic basic, soil and crops, mechanics and structure, water-saving irrigation technology, farmland irrigation and drainage, water supply engineering, hydraulic building, water conservancy project construction, management of water conservancy project

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic knowledge of water conservancy, soil, farming, water resources, mechanics and structure;

2) Master the basic skills of drawing, measuring, calculating and experiment;

3) With the basic knowledge and primary ability of small irrigation and drainage engineering surveying, planning and design;

4) With the basic skills of small agricultural water conservancy project construction and the primary ability of design;

5) With the preliminary ability of small and medium-sized irrigation area and canal system supporting building management;

6) With the basic ability of water pump station operation and management;

7) With the initial capacity of water supply project planning, design, construction and management;

8) With the initial capacity of advanced agricultural water technology application and promotion.

4. Employment Prospects

The graduates mainly work in water conservancy institutes, can be engaged in farmland irrigation and drainage engineering and water supply engineering investigation, planning, design, construction and management, and engaged in the application and promotion of advanced agricultural water conservancy technology in agricultural production.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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