Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering Program in China

1. Introduction

Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering program trains advanced engineering and technology application-oriented talents with good scientific literacy and systematic knowledge and skills related to the interdiscipline of environmental engineering and the design and production of environmental protection machinery and equipment; can be engaged in the design and manufacture, operation and maintenance of environmental protection equipment in the field of environmental engineering, and the improvement in equipment function, the graduates can also be engaged in the technology development, application research and operation management of environmental protection equipment.

2. Training Requirements

The program requirements students to master the basic theory and basic skills of the design and manufacture, operation and maintenance of the environmental protection equipment, improvement of the equipment functions, scientific development, application research and operation management of the environmental protection equipment through the systematic learning. The program also focuses on cultivating students' manipulative ability, cultivating students' ability to analyze and solve problems through the study of extended courses, extracurricular scientific activities and internship, etc.

3. Knowledge and Abilities

1) Master the basic knowledge of environmental protection equipment engineering;

2) Master the basic theory of environmental protection equipment engineering;

3) know the general principles and knowledge of similar majors;

4) know the relevant information of environmental protection equipment engineering;

5) Master the basic methods of data query, document retrieval and using modern information technology to obtain relevant information;

6) With certain ability of experimental design, creating experimental conditions, induction, collation, analysis of experimental results, writing papers, participating in academic exchanges.

4. Main Courses

Introduction to environmental protection industry, engineering drawing, engineering materials, machinery manufacturing basis, chemical principle, electronic and electrical technology, engineering CAD technology, environmental monitoring, the practical technology of wastewater treatment, air pollution control technology, environmental protection equipment and application, technical economy and cost analysis of environmental engineering technology, hydropower project estimate and budget, environmental protection industry operation, selection technology of environmental protection equipment, solid waste treatment and disposal, industrial safety engineering, construction and management of city sewage treatment plant, operation and maintenance management of water pump, equipment maintenance and repair technology, motor principle, operation and maintenance, etc.

5. Environmental Protection Industry

Environmental protection industry mainly explains the pollution control and emission reduction, pollution cleaning and waste treatment, clean production technology and clean products, energy saving technology, ecological design and services related to the environment, etc.

6. Application

Through the study of environmental protection equipment and application, the students master the working principle, structural composition, design and calculation and application knowledge of environmental protection equipment and the application. The program focuses on cultivating the practice ability of the operation, management, maintenance and technical reformation of environmental protection equipm


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