Technology Degree Program in China - Atmospheric Detection

1. Introduction

Atmospheric Detection refers to systematic and continuous observation and measurement of physical, chemical and biological characteristics and change process of earth atmosphere and closely related hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere (land surface) and biosphere and then sorting out record obtained.

2. Objects of Atmospheric Sounding

Surface layer atmosphere, upper layer atmosphere, atmosphere in special regions (such as atmospheric boundary layer, urban heat island circulation, canyon wind field and sea wind field)

3. Classification of Atmospheric Sounding

1) Visualization refers to visual observation and observation with auxiliary equipment, which mainly refers to eye observation of observer. Visualization is mainly applied in meteorological stations for observation of cloud, visibility, weather phenomena and evolution process.

2) Observation with equipments includes direct observation and remote sensing. Direct observation means obtaining meteorological parameters describing atmospheric conditions with changes of element properties by placing sensing elements of instrument directly into atmosphere. Remote sensing means showing change of meteorological elements in atmosphere with change of signal during electromagnetic waves propagation in atmosphere.

3) Space-based observation system is mainly composed of low earth orbit satellite, high earth orbit satellite and corresponding ground application system.

4) Air-borne observation system is mainly composed of balloon detection, aircraft detection and rocket detection.

5) Ground-borne observation system is mainly composed of ground meteorological observation, ground climate system observation, remote sensing, ground atmospheric boundary layer observation, ground atmospheric and space weather monitoring, mobile ground meteorological observation, ground meteorological observation and operation monitoring and technical support.


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