Engineering Degree Program in China - Hollow Fiber Membrane

1. Introduction

Hollow Fiber Membrane is like fibrous in the shape, the membrane with a self supporting role. It is a kind of asymmetric membrane, the dense layer can be located in the fiber surface/such as reverse osmosis membrane, can also be located in the inner surface of the fiber (such as microfiltration, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration). For gas separation membranes, the dense layer is located on the inner or outer surface of the membrane.

2. Basic Principles

In the screening process, the operating pressure is generally 0.7-7kPa; the raw material is under the static pressure difference, through a kind of filter material. The filter material can be divided into a variety, such as folded filter, meltblown filter, bag type dust collector, microfiltration membrane etc. Through the microporous membrane made of cellulose or polymer material, using its uniform pore size, to retain water particles, bacteria, etc., so that it cannot be removed through the membrane.

Determining the separation effect of the membrane is the physical structure of the membrane, the shape and size of the pores.

3. Technology Applications

Ultrafiltration is the film separation process taking the sieving as the separation principle, the pressure as the driving force, filtration precision is within 0.005-0.01 um, can effectively remove the particles, colloid, bacteria, heat and high molecular organic matter, which can be widely used in the separation, concentration, purification.

Early industrial ultrafiltration is applied to wastewater and wastewater treatment. With the development of ultrafiltration technology, now the ultra filtration technology applications has been very broad, including the food industry, beverage industry, dairy industry, bio fermentation, bio medicine, chemical medicine, biological agents, traditional Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, printing and dyeing wastewater and food industry wastewater treatment, recycling of resources and environmental engineering, and so on. The raw water in the outside of the hollow fiber lumen or pressurized flow, respectively constitute the external pressure type hollow and internal pressure type ultrafiltration membrane. Ultrafiltration is a dynamic filtration process, the interception of the material can be excluded from the concentration of the liquid cannot plug the surface of the film can be a long-term continuous operation.

Ultrafiltration membrane in the form of the structure is divided into plate and frame type (type), hollow fiber, nano film sheet ultrafiltration membrane, tubular, roll and a variety of structures. Hollow fiber UF membrane is one of the most mature and advanced technologies. Hollow fiber outside diameter 0.3-1.4 mm, diameter 0.4-2.0 mm, and hollow fiber tube wall is covered with micro pores, pore size to be able to intercept the molecular weight of the material expression, molecular weight of up to several thousand to hundreds of thousands.

The separation of heat sensitive material is suitable for ultrafiltration process no phase transformation, room temperature operation, and has good temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and resistance to oxidation, below 60 degree centigrade and long-term continuous use under pH 2-11.

4. Types

Mixed cellulose ester microporous membrane; cellulose nitrate filter membrane; polyvinyl fluoride membrane; cellulose acetate membrane; regenerated cellulose membrane; polyamide membrane; PTFE membrane and polyvinyl chloride membrane. Technology is commonly used in the electronic industry, semiconductor, large-scale integrated circuit production in the use of high purity water, such as further filtration. Species editing fiber mixed ester microporous membrane; cellulose nitrate membrane; PVDF membrane; cellulose acetate membranes; regenerated cellulose membrane; polyamide membrane; PTFE ethylene membrane and PVC membrane. Technology is commonly used in the electronic industry, semiconductor, large-scale integrated circuit production in the use of high purity water, such as further filtration.

5. Application Fields

It is used in pharmaceutical, brewing, food and beverage, chemical, municipal wastewater reuse, hospital, district sewage reuse, paper and other production and living sewage treatment through the membrane technology for water treatment. Membrane separation technology is widely used in solution or gas separation, concentration and purification of separation technology. Microporous membrane wall clouds, liquid under pressure through the membrane side of the, solvent and small solutes through the membrane wall to filter the liquid, and the solute molecules is membrane retention, achieve the purpose of physical separation and enrichment. The membrane separation process is a dynamic filtration process, the macromolecular solute is separated from the membrane wall, and the membrane is not easy to be blocked, and can be continuously used for a long time. The filtering process can be operated at room temperature and low pressure, and has no phase change, high efficiency and energy saving. Hollow fiber membrane is a kind of important form of separation membrane, the membrane of our company's products include hollow fiber micro filtration membrane (MF), hollow fiber ultra filter (UF), hollow fiber reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, hollow fiber curtain type film (FPM) and MBR technology applications, mainly used in mineral water purification, production and living water purification, pharmaceutical purification, concentrated fruit juice, papermaking chemical plating, etc. industry pollution water treatment and recycling, urban sewage reuse of pharmaceutical, chemical, construction, textile, papermaking, petrochemical, and other industries.

6. Adopted Scheme

1) Aseptic filtration of fermentation liquid

2) Concentrate and reuse thallus of fermentation broth

3) Clarification and filtration of soy sauce, vinegar and other brewing products

4) Clarification, filtration and turbidity of fruit wine, medicinal liquor, low alcohol liquor

5) Tea drink, fruit drink to clarify and filter concentration

6) Separation and purification of the extract of Chinese herbal medicine

7) High concentration and high viscosity solution filtration

8) Municipal wastewater reclamation

9) Residential area or building water reuse

10) tap water and underground water turbidity purification sterilization

11) Pre stage pretreatment of reverse osmosis system

12) Pre treatment of sea water desalination

13) Catering industry tap water purification

14) Household drinking water sterilization purification

15) Aseptic purification of mineral water

16) Medical water sterilization

17) Separation and purification of blood products

18) Clarification and filtration of wine

19) Residential area, residential unit water purification

20) Rural water turbidity removal of alkali bacteria

21) Machine cutting fluid and steel rolling cooling liquid separation

22) Oilfield reinjection water purification

23) Textile waste water, emulsion separation

24) Papermaking, electroplating, chemical and other wastewater treatment

25) Food processing in the purification of milk, meat, fruits and vegetables, grains, soybeans, monosodium glutamate, alcohol, wine, beverage and other processing wastewater treatment


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