Construction Equipment Engineering Technology Program in China

1. Introduction

Construction Equipment Engineering Technology program mainly trains high-quality skilled talents who master the basic knowledge and technique of construction equipment engineering construction, have the abilities of the design, budget, installation, operation and maintenance, quality inspection and project management of water and electricity, ventilation and air conditioning, intelligent building and other equipment engineering.

2. Major Courses

Construction equipment drawing and CAD, electrician foundation, electronics, motor control, power supply and distribution of building, building water supply and drainage systems, lighting technology, fire protection technology, electrical building technology, intelligent building technology, air conditioning and refrigeration technology, pipeline construction technology, electrical engineering construction technology, construction equipment engineering cost etc.

3. Employment Prospects

The graduates can be engaged in the design, construction, supervision, assembly and commissioning, operation and maintenance of construction equipment engineering, in the enterprises or departments of type selection design of construction equipment, construction equipment installation, building decoration, cost consulting, real estate and property management, intelligent buildings, high-end residential and office building management, equipment manufacturing and marketing.


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Wenzhou Medical University

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